The secrets of the future mrs. tomlinson

So like this is a random story that i'm making as i go along! and so its about a girl named Alex, who is best friends with the boys of one direction (who r not famous). But Alex has some secrets. She's a vampire and she's a wizard. But what happens when some evil vampires want her and maybe even her friends dead. Read on to find out...


2. Friends and foes

Your probably thinking Tyler is going to kill me too. But actually i have a slight advantage on him because i also have wizard powers. But then again Tyler has his student vampire hunters: Jamie, Robbie, Kaylee, Matthew, and Fin. And it was no mistake that they are en-rolled in the same school as me. Speaking of school, inside it I am just a normal girl. I have five best friends, who are all guys. So i guess you could say i am more of a tom-boy or guys girl then a girly- girl. Their names are Louis, Niall, Liam, Harry, and Zayn. Not event hey know my secrets. But i guess sooner or later they will have to find out. 

There is only about 200 vampire and 50 wizards int he whole world. So when i see a random wizard on the street it is very rare. I also find it pretty weird that 7 of the 200 hundred vampires in the world are all in the same school building during the day. 

So now here i a walking home from school thinking about what the next few days will bring me. Mr. Bender to watch my back. That is no joke. He seriously will kill me. He has had so many chances before too. I wonder why he just won't kill me when he has the chance. But i shouldn't complain, i mean it is another day on the planet. Each of my friends has a key to my apartment so when i opened the door they were all waiting for me. "How was detention Alex?" Louis joked. 

"Shut up, Lou" I whispered. I had a long day and wasn't in the mood for any fooling around. I sat down next to Niall on the couch. I let my head fall onto his shoulder. 

"Tired?" Niall asked. 

"Yeah" I responded. I started rubbing my back to make me feel better. I started falling asleep but out of the corner of my eye i saw Lou get mad and walk away. I decided i would to him about it later. There was something about the way he stormed away that i needed to talk to him really soon.

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