My Life Without You

Grace Acres is 17 years old. To her, Her life is the the most boring thing she can imagine. Her mother left after she had an un-expected child. Because of that, she thinks shes a mistake. Her father, well she never had one. But, when 5 amazing boys step into her life, will she realize how much she needed them, and how her life was without them?


6. So Sudden

The boys all suggested a movie. We decided to watch a scary one. After five murder scenes, I need to take a break. Were watching 'The Second Run'. I need popcorn. I walk into the kitchen and take out a big metal bowl and the popcorn. What seemed like forever, the popcorn stops popping and the metal bowl is steaming. "BOO!'' screams Harry. The steaming hot bowl falls on my foot. "Oww!'' I scream and fall down holding my foot. Popcorn is everywhere on the ground and my aching burnt foot is  making me scream inside. Harry falls down to meet me and hugs me tight. He holds a heart ice-pack to my foot and it says, 'I Love You!' . Its cute. Harry helps me up and when I look up at his face, I stare into his beautiful, simmering, green eyes and see tears are falling. "I'm more than sorry, love. I didn't mean to hurt you. I would never try.'' He says pulling me closer. "I forgive you. No need to worry. I've had worse experiences.'' I say back. ''Don't worry about the mess. I'll clean up later.'' ''Ok. Let me just get a pitcher of juice.'' ''Alright love. Just remember, If you're scared, I'm right over here.'' Aww. Isn't he sweet?  "Thanks Harry.'' I say smiling and blushing like an idiot. "Oh! And one more thing..." Harry comes over to me and kisses me. That was so sudden. I didn't know he had feelings for me. Now I am feeling it too.   

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