My Life Without You

Grace Acres is 17 years old. To her, Her life is the the most boring thing she can imagine. Her mother left after she had an un-expected child. Because of that, she thinks shes a mistake. Her father, well she never had one. But, when 5 amazing boys step into her life, will she realize how much she needed them, and how her life was without them?


9. Secrets

I wake up. Im sleeping in Liams bed. I wipe my eyes and find lots of mascara on my hand. i take out my phone and check twitter. Lots of rude comments from fans calling me a h** and a wh*re and a b*tch and not 'real' . I write a tweet to all the fans and not fans.

"Either way, Were not a couple. He never liked me anyway. No need for all your crappy comments." I send the tweet. Immediately, a zillion tweets come in saying that Harry is "Theirs" I wish he was mine, too. Then I send another asking who 'Katie' be. One tweet comes in by a girl named Katie. I read the tweet and Harrys 'little secret' is out. I wonder what happens when he sees this....


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