My Life Without You

Grace Acres is 17 years old. To her, Her life is the the most boring thing she can imagine. Her mother left after she had an un-expected child. Because of that, she thinks shes a mistake. Her father, well she never had one. But, when 5 amazing boys step into her life, will she realize how much she needed them, and how her life was without them?


2. My Little Radio

I turn on my little radio and the song that comes on is by a band called One Direction. Its a really catchy song.Suddenly, my Aunt Celine comes in and screams,   "GRACE TURN DOWN THAT STUPID SONG YOUR FREAKNG PLAYING!!!"   "No. Go away." I say back.  "YOU BETTER YOU UNGREAT-"  I cut her off.   "I only have a radio! How am I ungrateful for using the only thing I have?! Answer me!"   I scream. "YOUR UNCLES' SLEEPING AND YOU GET NO DINNER TONIGHT!"  Then she FINALLY left. Suddenly, I had an idea. I'll run away! I don't know that anyone will like me, but I'm leaving. And never looking back. I pack my six shirts. and my seven pants and my boots and sneakers and one pair of worn-out flip flops. My favorite item of clothing, my bikini. Its white with little ties on either sides of the bottoms. I shove all of them including my jacket, which I'm wearing, and my silver scarf and boots and black skinny jeans. I shove my hair brush into the last slot that's left. my duffle bag is still pretty empty, so i look at my tiny radio and gently place it in. That song by One Direction is tuck in my head, but its a nice song, so I don't mind.I lie down on my bed to sleep until the coast was clear.  

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