My Life Without You

Grace Acres is 17 years old. To her, Her life is the the most boring thing she can imagine. Her mother left after she had an un-expected child. Because of that, she thinks shes a mistake. Her father, well she never had one. But, when 5 amazing boys step into her life, will she realize how much she needed them, and how her life was without them?


11. Fake

I jump up as I see Liam. 

"LIAM!" I scream.

"Yeah" he says

"Where's Harry" 

"He's outside. Looks pretty hurt. What did do to him?" He asks.

"Movie role, mishap." I say running outside. 

"Harry!" I yell. He doesn't even turn around. When I touch his shoulder, he's on the phone. With the movie managers. He doesn't want to be in the movie. 

"Why?" I say quieter as I back away. He drops his phone to his hands and turns it round and round. He looks back and I can see he's trying to hold in the tears. I feel so bad about it all I do is hug him. 

"Harry Styles," I say "I am so so so sorry for hurting you," then I realize something, that Katie girl was the audition. The Katie on twitter was fake.

"it was all a huge misunderstanding, and I'm not sure this is what you still want to be with, but yes I'll date you." I let go of Harry only to find that he has started hugging me back. I hold on to his grip because all I can think about is him. The I realize, he really DOES love me. Someone loves me.  

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