My Life Without You

Grace Acres is 17 years old. To her, Her life is the the most boring thing she can imagine. Her mother left after she had an un-expected child. Because of that, she thinks shes a mistake. Her father, well she never had one. But, when 5 amazing boys step into her life, will she realize how much she needed them, and how her life was without them?


10. Aroura Ahlair

As I read about Harry's relationship with Katie, I realized more than I wanted to. Katie is a top model and has been on the cover of almost 200 magazines. But Katie goes by the name Aroura Ahlair. She and Harry have dated for a long time, but 11 months ago broke up due to the band becoming wildly popular and traveling world wide. Then him and Katie got back together, but not officially with the press. After reading about Ms. Ahlair, I google her.No results.  I hear a door slam.

Harry walks out. He is fast walking. He wipes his eyes with his sleeve as he throws his phone on the couch where I am sitting. He runs out and sits on the steps outside. I look at the phone. I turn it on. Passcode. Clever. I type in Katie. Not it. Niall walks in eating grapes.

"Its Grace." He says.

"Whats grace?" I say

"His password, lady!" he responds like im an idiot. I type in grace. His phone unlocks. Its twitter. Its my wall. I now feel horrible. What if Katie is fake? Like a crazed Fan? I better go talk to Harry. I hit the home button and accidentally click on his mail. An email for an audition. 

" Congratulations, HARRY STYLES! You've gotten the part of Luke in 'SINCERELY, ME.' The new movie! The actress playing Casee is: JENNIFER LAWERENCE

The actress playing Katie is: MADDI LOPEZ

The actor playing Cameron is: MAX DELIRO

The actor playing Cheif Johnson is: ROCKI MORISS

**** YOUR STUNT DOUBLE IS: KEYLOR MANSHEVO****  Sincerely, The people of the set."

My eyes start to water.


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