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1. Teens and computer screens

I think that teens,adults and even some childeren spend a lot of time online,when we are not on Facebook we are on Twitter and when were not on Twitter were on Instagram or Movellas or Tumblr or any other social networking site.But when people think about teens they think about X-boxes, Playstations,Laptops,I Pods,Kindles,Phones and every other electronic,but they do not think about why we go on them.For some people they have these accounts on websites because everyone else does,but for other people it is a way of interacting with there friends and family all over the world.I only have two of the social networking sites I  have listed but i use them because I can interact with my old friends from primary school and so I can keep in touch with family members that i dont get to see much.I also think that it is unfair to label all of Britain as 'The PlayStation Nation' when half of the people that live in Britain don't have these privilages that most of us have,I was only able to buy a laptop when my nan won the Lottery but i only got a small one.The people that have been labeled as a citizen of The PlayStation Nation will probbably feel a little bit angry about the label that the UK is,i know that i was,but who ever thought of that name forgot all about the other people in Britain and only thought about teens,adults and everybody else has internet acess or electronics.The last thing i am going to say is that if anyone else calls Britain The PlayStation Nation they should think about everyone in Britan without electronics and everyone who uses electronic and why they use them.


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