Love at first sight.

Tiffany Caldwell was a typical teenager. Self-consious about her self. Also thinking she wasn't good enough for a relationship. That all changed when she met Harry Styles. Harry wasn't into getting a serious relationship, but just by glancing at Tiffany can that change everything?



Tiffany's P.O.V:

After school, Harry and I decided to head to Starbucks to do our essay's. "Harry can we stop by my house? I need to get my laptop." Harry turned the car around, "Yes love." We rode in silence for awhile. Then we arrived at my house. My house was a modern house. It is two-stories, open-spaced, and has wide-opened. I walked into the house to see my baby sister sitting in her Minni mouse high chair. "Hey Casey!" I said as I kissed her on her forehead. My sister had brown hair and precious green eyes like Harry. It's funny now that I think about it, she does look like Harry. "Where are you running off to AGAIN?" My mom asked. "To Starbucks to do an essay with Harry..." I said. I went over into the Study and grabbed my laptop. "Are you guys even dating?" I looked over at my mom. She was feeding Casey green beans... Ew. "No mother, but do we really have to be to hang out?" I asked. That annoys me. She put down her spoon. "No, but you guys seem really into each other. I was just wondering." I went over and kissed my mother on the cheek. Then I did the same to my sister. "Bye Casey! Bye mother!" I ran outside to see Harry leaned up against his car. "Sorry..." I said. Harry grabbed my hand, "It's quite alright love. Know how about we go to Starbucks." On the way there Harry sang to me. He sang 'The A team.' by Ed Sheeran. "...And they say she was in the class A team. Stuck in her daydream. Been this way since eighteen, but lately her face seems slowley sinking, wasting. Crumbling like pastries..." His voice is truley beautiful.


Harry's P.O.V:

We arrived at Starbucks after an amazing car ride. I love making her smile. I smelt coffee beans right when we walked in. We found a table in the corner of the shop. We worked on our essay together, and in no time we surprisingly got it done. "So Tiffany," I said as I drank my hot chocolate, "would you like to come over tonight?" Tiffany shut her laptop, "I'd love to Harry. What are we going to do?" I smirked, "You'll find out soon enough." Tiffany punched me in the arm lightly, "Harry! What is it with you and surprises?" She laughed. I reached for her hand, she took it. "Would you like to dance?" Tiffany laughed even more. Then said, "In the middle of Starbucks?" I sighed, "Tiffany I like this song!" My audition song, 'Isn't she lovely' was playing. I pulled her out to the middle of Starbucks. From there it was to hard to explain every precious detail. I pulled her petite body close to my muscular body. Our bodies moved together naturally. Everyone was staring, which was what I wanted. We didn't seem to give a damn. We laughed the whole time. Finally once we were done we headed back to my house. In the best mood ever.


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