Love at first sight.

Tiffany Caldwell was a typical teenager. Self-consious about her self. Also thinking she wasn't good enough for a relationship. That all changed when she met Harry Styles. Harry wasn't into getting a serious relationship, but just by glancing at Tiffany can that change everything?


6. Breakfast date.

Tiffany's P.O.V:

Harry came by to take me to school. "Would you like to go out to eat for breakfast?" Harry asked. "I'd love to. Where?" Harry smirked while he pulled me close, "That's for me to know and YOU to find out." We were now face to face, eye to eye. Everything felt so right when I'm with him. He doesn't care about how I look, but about my personality. Which is why today I decided to wear sweats. "I'm glad you wore sweats today." Harry said as he looked at my bottom. "Why is that?" I said. "So guys won't stare at your bottom." Oh my god. I think I might have a heart-attack. I laughed and rested my head on his shoulder. He smelt of Hollister cologne. We pulled up to eat breakfast at the Waffle House. "Why here?" I asked. "Why not?" Harry said as he opened his car door.


Harry's P.O.V:

I went over to her side and opened the door for her. She looked beautiful. With no make-up or not. With sweats on or not. With messy hair or not. Do you get my point? I think all girls are beautiful, but there's something about Tiffany that stood out. I think I love her. I don't want to go to fast though. I want to make it special when I say I love her and ask her to be my girlfriend. "Harry? What do you want to eat?" I awoken from my daze. I didn't even realize we were inside. "I'll take the sasuage biscuit." I handed the waitress my menu as I stared at Tiffany. "What?" Tiffany asked curiously. "You're just so beautiful." She smiled and looked away in awe, "I know. You've been telling me that since the day we met. Which was yesterday." Yesterday? "It feels like I've known you longer, like my whole life."

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