Moments *One Direction Love Story*

It started off as Carrot Fights between Louis, and Delilah. Louis and Delilah being siblings and Ariella being their best friend, they always were together. Ariella ended up as the responsible one. But now all the boys and girls are grown up. They all have feelings for each other. The girls get to go on tour with the boys.. No biggie right?


8. Waterpark;

 We're gonna change going on tour to 4 days. So that's tomorrow in the story(:

(This is still in Ari's P.O.V.)

The cheering and yelling kept coming. I pulled the sheets over my head, but nothing helped. I crawled out of bed, trying to reach the doorknob. It turned, leaking in light and louder cheers and screams. I held my head leaning against the door. Stupid hangover. I can see Liam is probably about as annoyed as I am. My headache hurt even more than hell when I went out to the kitchen -where Louis and Delilah are-.

"Will you PLEASE shut up," I say, tone a bit louder than expected. They instantly shut their mouths. Score for me.

"Thank you. Now will some one please explain why Louis and Delilah won't stop cheering their throats out," I say dramatically.

"We're going to the waterpark, we're going to the waterpark," the Tommos' sing. I bang my head on the table causing it to hurt even more than earlier.

"I SAID, WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP," I yell louder than the first time. The look at me wide-eyed, probably scared of me now. Oops, didn't mean to scare them. At least they shut up. Harry and Niall looked the least bit annoyed, yet they had hangovers too..

"What they said. We're going to the waterpark," Zayn explains.

"Why didn't anyone tell me," I squeal. Now I was being the annoying one..

"You were Drunk," Zayn answers again. I roll my eyes.

"And is Alley going," I ask. I see Harry's face light with hope, and I swear I heard him mumble, "She better."

"Yeah, we called her. Because she wasn't drunk out of her mind like you guys," Zayn mutters.

"Will you shut up about us being drunk," I question. He gives me a thumbs up and walks off with a water bottle. My stupid hangover had died down a bit. Niall just ate through that whole conversation. Special boy..

"I'm going to go get my stuff and change," I tell Liam. He nods. I walk to my room.

I walked up, got my bikini from a drawer, and took a quick shower. I had to condition and shampoo quite a few times, my hair was fried. I stepped out, wrapping a white towel around my body, and a smaller towel around my hair to dry. I know usually people don't shower before they go to a waterpark, but yano. I was drunk, and my hair was fried. I dried my hair, putting it into a messy french bun. I put on my strapped blue bikini with white polka dots, sliding on a white see through blouse over it. I slip on my flip flops that had fireworks of  rosey colour petals on them. I grab the small floral backpack hanging from the closet door, and pack sunscreen, my baby blue aviators, a notepad and pen -incase anything-, my phone, and wallet in it.  All the others except Harry were already done and waiting in the living room. I sat down next to Liam waiting for Harry. He walks out and the first thing he says is,

"Oh woah. Hi Ari. You should change into a strapless bikini like Delilah, and Al," he smirks. I can feel Liam get tense from next to me.

"And you call me kinky," I mutter under my breath. He chuckles.

"All in favour of me wearing a strapless bikini raise your hand," I sigh.

They all raise their hands. I roll my eyes and drag myself back to my room. I scramble through the dresser finally finding a strapless one. I take off the other one and put on this one under the blouse. I pull a towel of the rack and walk out to the living room picking my backpack up off the couch.
Delilah was in a completely green outfit. Her bikini was strapless, green, and had a white bow on the top part. A green and white stripey see through blouse covered her bikini. A soft brown coloured bun was laying on her head. She was holding a orange towel that had a bunch of green flowery paterns on it. Her phone case was the Ireland flag. On her eyes were a pair of lime green nerdy Ray Ban sunglasses. Alley was in a flowery ivory bikini, a peachy red see through blouse on top. Her hair was in a loose ponytail. She was wearing black flip flops with roses on them. She had a pink towel with a blinding orange design on it. In her hand was an iPhone matching her bikini. She was wearing sunglasses like Delilah's but Peachy red coloured. I bet both Niall and Harry liked Delilah and Alley's outfits a lot. I knew Liam didn't care. All of the others were already out the door, I walked out with Liam following. We stepped into the van. The leather seat burnt my bum.

"Shit," I yelped. They chuckled. I roll my eyes, pulling down the blouse. It didn't help much. Then I thought of sitting on the towel. I folded it putting it under me. My blue aviators hung out of the open backpack. I grabbed them putting them on. Beside me, Liam put on his aviators. Today Liam's hair was quiffy, so the aviators looked good. I lean into him, holding my phone out. I make a duck face, not so sure about him. I take a picture. That's def going on Twitter later. I smiled and stuffed the phone back into the backpack.

*Skipping rest of car ride*

"We're here," Harry states the obvious.

"We're at the water park, we're at the water park," Delilah, Niall, and Louis belt out. They really had to do that?

"Can you please stop singing, thank you," I remark.

Next thing I know, Niall and Delilah are holding hands skipping down the parking lot. I can't help but to stifle a laugh. Finally we all ended up bursting out laughing. Delilah and Niall just look at us innocently. I roll my eyes from behind my aviators. I slung the backpack over my shoulder, the towel hanging off my arm as if it were a rack. We walk to the main entrance, and on the way there, many boys pulled down their shades and practically stared at Alley, Delilah, and I. You could clearly see Haz, Nialler, and Li get tense. Us girls just strutted even more, just for fun. By the time we reached the main entrance, we were laughing so hard, people were staring at us. Or maybe it was just the fact that we were with One Direction. Either way, we got V.I.P. tickets, which meant we didn't have to wait any longer than 5 minutes on a ride. I went over and rented a locker for myself. The others hogged the key. I rented another one, but Liam was behind me and payed for me. I bit my lip blushing a bit. I thanked him, and went over to my locker as he bought one for himself. I took off my flip flops, stuffing them in the small locker along with my blouse. I took the waterproof sunscreen out of my bag. It was almost out. As I opened it and was about to squirt some on my hand, the girls pulled it out of my hand, using it all.

"Bu-" I reach my hand out for it. They handed me an empty bottle. I walk over to the trash bin throwing it away. Well so much for that. Excitement filled girls who can't control themselves..

"We're going to go in groups of two," Harry announces. I knew he just wanted to be with Alley

"I bags Alley," he exclaims clinging on to her. She giggles.

"I'm going with Niall," Delilah says at the exact same time that Niall says, "I'm going with Delilah."
  They both go bright red.

"Noooo! It's going to be Zouis again," Louis pouts. Pft, damn he knew me and Liam too well.

"You don't like Zayn or something mate," I question.

"I like Zayn, but yano, it seems awkward," he replies. Zayn nods.

"Oh, Harry will hook you up with someone before you know it," I assure them.  The nod solemnly. The other two groups -or shall I say couples- had already gone off somewhere. I put the backpack into my locker

"Where do you wanna go first," Liam asks me.

"I don't care. Where ever you wanna go," I reply casually.

"Let's go to that big water slide," Liam exclaims pointing up to a massive slide.

              Niall's P.O.V.

I took Delilah's hand and we skipped off to the little kid water playground thing it also has a lazy river going around it, and the first thing I did was push Delilah into the lazy river haha. The lifeguard came up to Delilah and I was next to her laughing her face off.

She said,"Miss you can't be swimming in here it's for people with tubes only. It's strictly forbidden here someone could get hurt very bad." She turned around and saw me and started fangirling. She was speaking jibberish.

"So.... can we leave now or do you want an autograph or a picture." I said trying to stifle a laugh which failed miserably.

She screamed, "OH MY GOD YES!!!! Can you please sign my shirt?"

I signed her shirt and I hand Delilah my hand to help her up. She grabs it and pulls me down too. She gets out as fast as she can and runs to the top of the playground thing I laugh and get out and walk over to her, well kinda. I stand right where the GIANT bucket with A LOT of water would land and she starts shooting water at me. Delilah goes down the little waterslide. Right when she gets to were I am  the water comes down the water went down so hard that it made us both fall down. We both burst out laughing.

Del asked me, "So this is the reason I wanted to come here so what do you want to do know?"

"Umm I don't really care as long as I'm with you" I say and smile.

She blushes and says, "Are you trying to make me blush cause it's working." She laughs.

"Oh well yano I try."

"Awww your so sweet to me, but really WHAT SLIDE MAN?!?!?!!?"

"You know the slide where it has the water slide then a little pool thing then water slide then pool thing and so on?"

"Yeah, so." She says and laughs.

"Well THAT ONE!!! Goof."

*top of the ride*

Delilah mutters,"I hate this ride and it hates me."

I laugh and say,"What happened to you on here?"

"When I go on here I always loose my tube ask Lou if you don't believe me so I either have to hold on to someones feet or hands or sit with someone." (A.N I really have to do that haha. ~Delilah~) 

"You can go down with me if you want you know so you won't hurt yourself."   


"DELILAH JUST GET ON THE TUBE!!!!!" I shout back and laugh.

She giggles and jokingly shouts back, "FINE" and she giggles even harder.

I go on first then Delilah comes and sits on my lap. I hope this ends well. We start going down and Delilah is giggling and she rests her head on my shoulder.I smile and kiss her cheek and I felt fireworks no that's an understatement BOMBS go off and I only kissed her cheek. All of a sudden we get stuck as in we can go down the slide as in were not moving haha. Delilah tries to get out so we can move but fails and flips the tube so we both fall into the water.

She says, "Screw the tube wanna go down with me on our butts?" She laughs even harder then she was before.

"Yeah but you know this is going to fail, epicly."

"Yesh I know that's why it's fun. Duh."

I laugh and say, "Your weird." 

"Well come here lets go down." As soon as I get there she goes down on here stomach,then I go down on my knees. When I get down there Del is wait for me."NIALL YOU SLOW POKE COME HERE WE'RE GOING TO RACE!!!!" She shouts.

"Oh it's on like Donkey Kong." 

"You've been around Liam for to long." She says and laughs.

I sit down on the slide thing and say, "Yeah I know he has that effect on people. THREE TWO ONE SEVEN!!!" We go down the slide. Oh shit it's the long one it makes you up really high in the air. Delilah is laughing and screaming her face off and I'm laughing. We get to the pool thing and I think were dieing of laughter.

Delilah screams,"OH MY GOD THAT WAS SO FIRETRUCKING AWESOME!!!!! Oh and I won HA!!"

I laugh and roll my eyes and say,"Think what you want." We go down the rest of the ride normally as in me on the tube and Delilah on my lap. Next were going on the enclosed slides. 

   Alley's P.O.V.

 Harry and I walked away from Ariella and Liam because they were talking about boring things. Why aren't they dating? Hmm Harry should know this.

I ask Harry, "Why don't Ariella and Liam date? I mean well I just met you guys and I can tell, so yeah why aren't they dating?"

Harry replies, "Well we don't really know they have always have had that connection with each other we think Liam is just not man enough haha nah I think he's to nervous or something erm so yeah." 

"Oh.. well aren't you going to get them to date?" I wonder out loud.

"Well yeah but they're annoying like that and won't get together by them selves." he mutters. I giggle.

"Same with Niall and Deli...." I trail off, looking up at the massive waterslide that we were now standing under. Suddenly, a whole bunch of water splashes on us. I squeal, and Harry did some kind of man scream, haha. I look up, and there leaning on the railing, looking down, was Liam and Ariella. There laughing at us and pointing at us. The lifeguard standing up there gestured them towards a tube. Next thing you know, they were going down faster than a blink of an eye. We walked over to where they should come out. Right as they came out, the tube slid against the floor, causing a big splash. Yep you guessed it. Harry and I had just got splashed again.

"Ugh," I squeal as I wrap my arms around my body. I was freezing! The pair of them were laughing there heads off.

"Well, we're going now, see ya around," they tried to say while laughing.

"Nice announcement. Well see ya," me and Harry reply walking off. Some girls mobbed me and Harry.

"Harry! Harry!" they screamed causing my eardrums to explode. They surrounded Harry, pushing me back. Harry stuck his hand out trying to reach me. I got hold of him, but it wasn't too long before he disappeared into the cloud of screaming girls. I finally ran into Louis and Zayn. We went off to get Harry, luckily he was fine.

     Harry's P.O.V.

They saved me from the mob of girls. Next thing you know, there was a hot looking girl walking right by us. I figured I could hook her up with Lou. I walked over to her.

"Ello love," I say.

"Hello Harry," she replies not even showing one bit of fangirl

"Can you come with me real quick," I ask her. She nods.

"What's your name," I wonder out loud.

"I'm Eleanor. Eleanor Calder. I work as a floor model at Hollister. I'm 19," She replies giving me every bit of detail.

"Well, Eleanor, come to this location, tonight. Wear something fancy-ish. I need to set you up with a mate," I say handing her a piece of paper that I found in Skye's backpack -where I'm not supposed to be looking-. She gladly takes it and leaves. I wave at her. She's beaming. I mean she's lovely and all, but she's just not right for me. Plus, I really love Alley.


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