Moments *One Direction Love Story*

It started off as Carrot Fights between Louis, and Delilah. Louis and Delilah being siblings and Ariella being their best friend, they always were together. Ariella ended up as the responsible one. But now all the boys and girls are grown up. They all have feelings for each other. The girls get to go on tour with the boys.. No biggie right?


3. Prologue

                               Ariella's P.O.V.

   I sat on the sturdy, glossed wood chair. I pulled out a book, opening the hard cover. I had only turned a couple of pages, when Delilah and Louis come running and screaming into the kitchen where I was sitting. Delilah races Louis to the fridge, grabbing a carrot. Oh no, not a carrot fight, please don't be a carrot fight. They started hitting each other with carrots, and kinda pretended the carrots were swords. I was 14, and they were already 16, but they acted more childlike that I did! I set my book faced down to the dining table to keep the page. I stand up.

"Louis, Delilah! Can you PLEASE stop?" I ask, my tone a little  bit louder than I expected.

"Yes, Mummy.." They reply, the sarcasm dripping from their words.

No one said anything for a while, then we just all burst out laughing. When the laughter dies down, we lean against the counter. I go to the fridge and grab drinks for us. Lou, Delilah, and I were the best of friends. We always did everything together. Louis and Delilah were really close since they are twins. Louis is a really good singer and so is Delilah. They would always say I was good too, but I always doubted them. I go back and sit on the chair, grabbing my book. I lean back and pull the book up to where I could see it.

"Why do you like to read and do school stuff? Live it up a bit!" they tell me.

Louis was a party animal. Went out a lot now. Delilah was never really around either. We had gotten farther apart, but we still managed to find time to spend together. Louis was planning on going to audition for the X-Factor. He really should. He will become very popular one day.

Prologue is done! Short prologue, but oh well..

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