Moments *One Direction Love Story*

It started off as Carrot Fights between Louis, and Delilah. Louis and Delilah being siblings and Ariella being their best friend, they always were together. Ariella ended up as the responsible one. But now all the boys and girls are grown up. They all have feelings for each other. The girls get to go on tour with the boys.. No biggie right?


4. Please;

                      Ariella's P.O.V.

I woke up in the morning to an annoying pounding at my bedroom door. I groan pushing the thick bed sheet. I roll off the bed lazily ruffling my messy, tangled, brown and blonde hair. The knocks kept going on as I dragged myself to the door opening it to reveal Louis and Delilah.

"Wakey wakey lazy Ari!" they greet. I roll my eyes.

"Well good morning to you too.." I say not so enthusiastically. They chuckle.

I walk back into the room pulling the dark curtains up, tying them. I fling my hand at them meaning to go away. They gave me a thumbs up and darted to the kitchen where the breakfast is. Wait, how did they even get into my house in the first place? My mum probably let them in. I brush my teeth and comb my hair putting it into a loose, messy ponytail. I take off my plaid red pajama pants and white pajama tank top. I slide on a floral dress on putting on a cardigan too. I slide the Zorrba boots up past my ankle. I open a drawer by the sink and pull out a baby blue mustache ring, and silver bracelet with 'One Direction' carved into it, and a heart necklace with One Thing printed neatly in red. I put them all on grabbing the make up. I apply the soft pink lipstick to my soft lips. The doorbell rings causing me to smear some of the lipstick on my face. I tear a piece of tissue cleaning it. I smear the light blue eye shadow onto both my eyelids, rubbing them to even the colour out. I take the eyeliner and draw around my eyes. I took the liquid black mascara and apply it onto my eyelashes. I put all the cosmetics back into the drawer and walk out to the kitchen. I found all of the boys and Delilah.

"Morning guys," I say as I turn the corner hopping onto the white leather couch grabbing my phone of the coffee table.

"Oh god, Hi Ariella," Liam bellowed in his deep voice and unmistakable Wolverhampton accent. He always addressed me as Ariella. I knew Liam had something going on for me, but I never really felt ready. I smile. I look at Delilah who is wearing a Black and pink 'Hug Me' Tee-Shirt, lime green pants, SpongeBob converse, and a gray beanie. Her hair was spilt in the middle, the bangs hanging off on each side of her face.

"You are one hell of a crazy, colourful girl," I mutter. She giggles.

"A pretty and smart crazy colourful girl," Niall remarks causing her to blush. Louis gives him a death glare.

"So did you guys NEED something? Or did you just come here to pester me," I ask.

"We were wondering if you wanted to go on tour with us." Zayn and Harry say for the first time since I came.

I beam, but then frown. School was starting soon, and my mum wouldn't let me go either. My mum comes and sees me frowning.

"What's wrong?" she asks looking freaked.

"Mum, I know school's starting back soon, but they were wondering if I could um.. go on tour with them," I reply. She frowns as well.

"Honey, as you said, school's starting soon," she says her tone dropping. I was really upset.

"Pleaseee?! Please mum? I promise I'll do some learning and call often?" I beg sounding kind of retarded. The others watch in silence.

"Oh okay," she answers after a while of pondering. We all cheer and scream. I hug my mum.

"When are you guys leaving, and when are you coming back?" My mum asks.

"We're going in 4 days, and coming back oh like June of next year," one of the boys replies. That's a long time. My mum just nods.

"Thanks mum! Now were we going to do something boys and girl?" I question in excitement. They nod and pull me out the front door. I wave to my mum grabbing my phone of the couch. I can't wait 'till we go on tour. Travel the world.

Short first chapter. I needed to get it out of the way though.. Thanks for reading, u guys are AMAZAYN! xx

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