Moments *One Direction Love Story*

It started off as Carrot Fights between Louis, and Delilah. Louis and Delilah being siblings and Ariella being their best friend, they always were together. Ariella ended up as the responsible one. But now all the boys and girls are grown up. They all have feelings for each other. The girls get to go on tour with the boys.. No biggie right?


2. Delilah Jane Tomlinson

Hey I'm Delilah Tomlinson. Yea Louis Tomlinson twin sister
What do I look like? Erm.. Louis but a girl

My roll in the story? The best friend

Hey I'm Delilah Tomlinson. Yea Louis Tomlinson twin sister; The girl in the middle(:

Age: 20 years young

I was born on December 24 ‘91

My favorite color is: Bleen (Blue and Green if you didn't get that)

I love being LOUD, RANDOM AND MAKING PEOPLE SMILE AND LAUGH! I fall a lot so I'm clumsy. I love little kids, animals, my family, my friends, and ARIELLA JENNING! So that's all you need to know so FRECKLES!!
~Delilah Tommo xx

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