Moments *One Direction Love Story*

It started off as Carrot Fights between Louis, and Delilah. Louis and Delilah being siblings and Ariella being their best friend, they always were together. Ariella ended up as the responsible one. But now all the boys and girls are grown up. They all have feelings for each other. The girls get to go on tour with the boys.. No biggie right?


6. Alley Rue Crest

Ello, I’m Alley Rue. You can just call me Al or yellA (Which is my name backwards..) 


I’m 17 years young turning 18 on October 31. Halloween babe, yeah!


Favourite colour is Blurange (Which is Blue and Orange)


Friends call me the cheeky flirt. I party all the time. I want to study law, if I ever get the chance. I like going to clubs. People say I umm get drunk a bit often, I’m still a fun girl to be around. I’m pretty smart. I Work at a restaurant as a waitress. I love One Direction and my favourite is Harry. I was really happy to meet them. So yaa.


-Yella (;


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