The Time Is Now

Zayn Malik hates being famous....He hates the crazed fans....He hates preforming....But the only reason he stays in the band, One Direction, is because of his love for Niall Horan. Zayn's best friend Louis Tomlinson convinces Zayn to finally tell how Niall how he feels about him. This story is full of happiness and tragidies....See how the roller coaster of life treats Zayn in this love story


8. Chapter 8 : Florida


Willow and I exited the plane a couple hours later. It was really fun to have someone to talk to on the plane. I would've been bored if it hadn't been for her. She made things ten times more exciting. We laughed and played eye spy and talked about what life on tour was like. She was one of the coolest fans ever. I she treated me like a real person instead of a piece of really good looking meat.   When we were still on the plane, we exchanged numbers. 


  "As long as you don't give my number to anyone..." I made her promise   "I won't I promise.", she agreed with a smile spreading across her lips as she reached for her phone.  I gave it back to her and she gave me mine.


    "Oh god it feels good to be on land again." I she said stretching her arms up just enough to have her shirt lift and expose her tanned stomach.   


"Staring at something?" she joked with me. 


  "Nope, and you know I don't role that way...."   


"It was a joke Zayn!"   


"I know I know" I laughed. "Let's go get our luggage"   


She easily followed me.   After I got out of the terminal, and about 20 steps I heard someone gasp. Then the slight pitter patter of feet hitting the floor. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I automatically turned around. 


  "Are you Zayn Malik?" the red haired girl asked. 


  "Yeah love." I told her  


Willow had stepped aside and I got the feeling that she would be understanding.   


"Can I get picture?" she asked. 


  "sure babe. I Willow will you take the picture for us?"   


"Sure Zayn"


 she took the camera and the red head came up to me. I I put my arm around her waist and placed my lips on her cheek for the picture. Then another where she kissed my cheek and one more where we were both smiling at the camera.   


She walked away with a smile on her face and that is what Niall would've wanted. I decided on the plane that I was going to do whatever was going to make Niall happy. Where ever he was.    A few other girls came up and I satisfied all of them. I tried to make each of them laugh. Some girls even wanted pictures with Willow too. I Which was really sweet. Willow gladly agreed and was nothing but sweet and nice to the girls who asked questions about her and ask for pictures.   



When all of the girls finally left, and which only took about 20 minutes, and we raced to try and get our bags. Lucky for us, there were our bags still rotating on the belt thing along with some other people's bags. All We grabbed them and headed for the front of the airport. 


  I waited with Willow until her grandmother picked her up. I don't know what Willow was so worried about with her grandmother's age and all she seemed even more in shape than me!   


She had long gray hair that was pulled back into a low pony tail that trailed down her back. She had a pair of jeans on and a pair of converse sneakers on. She had a purple t shirt that was stained with bleach and paint. Her voice was soft and sweet.   


"Well Willow who is this?!" her grandmother asked  


"Memaw that's Zayn."   


"Well Zayn, you can just call me Memaw." I she said to me.   


"Yes ma'am" I said to her  


"Well it was lovely to meet you but we've got to get back to the house!" she said to me.   


"bye zayn" Willow smiled.   


"Bye Willow"  


I had got a taxi after waiting what seems like hours. The driver got out and put my bgs in the back of the taxi. "Thanks mate" I said. I handed him a five dollars bill. I had got some American money while I was still in the airport. I climbed in the back seat and him in the drivers.   


"Where to man?" I was at the Jacksonville airport. So I guess I was going to head to Jaxs Beach. I heard Willow say something about her grandmother living down there. 


  "Jaxs beach, just drop me off at the best looking hotel."   


"Sure thing" I he said driving off.   


We made no conversation for the hour and a half drive there. I was sitting in the back and pulled out my phone. I decided to check my twitter. I saw so many tweets about where I was. I also saw on the trends "#WhereDidZaynGo" so I decided to make a tweet about what was happening.   


"Hey everyone. Just thought I needed to get away for a while but I'll be back. I don't worry about me Xx" I then locked my phone just in time to hear the driver say "hey we're hear man. It's gonna be $65.35" I pulled out my money and paid him. I got out and he opened the trunk for me. I closed it and walked in the front doors of the hotel.   


It was massive. The carpets were red and there were gold colored trolley things for pushing luggage. I walked up to the front desk where a woman with short blonde hair was standing. She has a lot of make up on and was quite beautiful. 


  "What can I get for you?" she asked with a raspy voice  


"Your nicest room please" I said  


"One second please." she requested.    "Sign here please and you pay when you leave. Your room is on the top floor. "   


I signed and she gave me my room key. I headed over to the elevator and clicked the up button and waited for it to come. it came down empty and went back up with one occupant. Me. 


  I walked down the hall to my room. I slid the key I and the light turned green and I heard a small click. I opened the door to a massive room. It had granite flooring and white walls. When you looked forward there was a table with a vase on it and a mirror above it. When you walked in and took a right you saw a massive living room and a kitchen combination. Then you took a left down a small hallway to the bedroom. It had a king size bed and a 70'' plasma screen tv in there. The bathroom had a large shower/bathtub and a sink and a toilet. When you went out on the balcony you had a gorgeous view of the beach.    


It was sun set right about now and you could see only a few people still on the beach. The sky was full of pinks and purples surrounding the orange sun. I was getting tired so I decided I was going to order some room service, eat, shower, and then go to bed.   


I ordered a hamburger and chips. (fries) I ate it while watching some tv . I then went to take a shower. I stripped down naked and got into the streaming shower. It was amazing and relaxing. I began to sing Stero Hearts by Gym Class Heroes. I was just belting out, not caring right now.I got out about a half an our later. It was 9:00 and I was worn out. I I crawled into bed and was out like a light. 




I woke up and rubbed my eyes. I yawned and threw my legs over the side of the bed. I went to order room service but decided I wanted to have breakfast with Willow. I ran to my phone and picked it up and searched for Willow's name. I clicked on the call button and tapped my foot Impatiently. She finally picked up and said "Hello? "  


"Hey Willow wanna spend the day with me?" 


  "Zayn! I would love to! "   


" Awesome! I haven't eaten breakfast yet have you? " 


  " Yeh zayn... It's one o'clock " she giggled.. 


  " oh well how about we go out for lunch? "   


" sounds good to me! Wanna go to Shannons and have lunch?"   


"Sure just text me the directions I have to get dressed. "  


" Okay see you soon! '' she hung up. 


  I grabbed a new pair of underwear and a pair of jeans and a dark blue v neck and quiffed my hair up. I threw on my combat boots, grabbed my phone, and my key and walked out of the room. 


  She texted me the directions from my hotel which I texted her the night before while I was eating dinner.    I easily got there and told her I was here. She said she about half way here and would be here in about 5 minutes. No later than five minutes later she walked in. She had her hair pinned over to one side and it was curled into small tight curls. She was wearing a pair of pale green skinny jeans and a white see trough shirt on with a black bra thing on underneath.   


"Zayn! " she ran up and hugged me 


  "Hey!" I hugged back  


"Let's eat I'm starving. "   


"mkay. "   


She sat down at the seat across from me. A waitress came over and handed us both menus.   


" What are you going to get? " I asked Willow 


  "Probably a burger.. What about you?" 


  "Same. "   We ordered our drinks and our meals.   


While we waited we talked about her grandmother.   


"She's not like other grandma's. She is much cooler and relaxed. Grandpa was like that too, but he died 3 years ago when I was 18"    'So she's older than me' I thought to myself.   


"Here's you food. The waitress said handing us our food. The we both dug right in, and devouring our burgers. We even ordered seconds.    We spent that time continuing about Memaw and Papa. We kept talking even after we finished eating. We ended up leaving around 3 and heading back to my hotel to play the wii they had there. .    We got back to the hotel and when she walked in, her jaw hit the floor.  


"This is... AMAZING!" she squealed. 


  " Yeah, it's cool." 


  "What game you wanna play? They got tons."  I ask her


  "Hmm... How about this one.? "


    "Wii sports? Sure."   


"Okay, so you get the game ready and ill be right back."   


Before I could respond she ran out of the room. I put in the game and get everything ready for when she comes back. 


  "I'm back and I bare gifts! " she said holding up 2 cartons of Bud Light. 


  "Awesome!" I said and pulled them from her hands and put them on the coffee table. She sat down on the couch and opened a bottle.    "Time to get drunk." I she says taking a long drink   The night was fun, we played wii and drank. A lot. We laughed a lot and we're playing tennis right now. We would grunt when we would swing and we would laugh at the noises we made.


    When Willow made a swing, she tripped over her feet and fell into my chest. I caught her and she was looking right into my eyes and I was looking back into her eyes. The next couple seconds were a blur.     


Her lips were locked with mine and my hands were running down her body. She was pulling and tugging at my shirt. I raised my arms so she could pull it off. I was pulling at her too so I took it off for her. Next she was underneath me on the couch. Her skin was warm and her kisses were warmer. 


  I started to unbutton her pants and she easily slid them off I picked her up and she hooked her legs around my waist and I carried her to the bed. I laid her down and I pulled my pants off. She was wearing a black strapless bra and lace panties. I was wearing my gray boxer briefs. My body was sliding and moving across hers. I moved. My lips down her neck and chest kissing as much as I could. She kept running her fingers through my hair. 




The next morning I woke up with a pounding head and a girl named Willow .. What happened last night??   




HEY GUYS! I KINDA JUST MESSED WITH YOUR HEADS I THINK!! It took me like forever to write this chapter and my hands are hurting and blehh. I so someone I know at school reads my stories O.o why... UMM Soo I worked hard on this chapter so I'm gonna request 5 votes for the next chapter and I will dedicate the next chapter to someone who leaves the comment that sticks out the most to me soo... COMMENT and VOTE!! Bye snow globes! Idk why I call you that... Its weird...

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