The Time Is Now

Zayn Malik hates being famous....He hates the crazed fans....He hates preforming....But the only reason he stays in the band, One Direction, is because of his love for Niall Horan. Zayn's best friend Louis Tomlinson convinces Zayn to finally tell how Niall how he feels about him. This story is full of happiness and tragidies....See how the roller coaster of life treats Zayn in this love story


7. Chapter 7 : The Plane


I'm sitting on the plane, first class. I didnt want any little kid sitting behind me and kicking my seat or have a baby continuously crying throughout the whole flight. The seats were colored white, they were soft, almost like alpaca fur.(A/N if you've never felt alpaca fur, its REALLY soft) The chairs  could recline all the way back and the bottom would pop out so you could put your feet up. The carpets were a nasty dirty looking dark blue. It smelled surprisingly NOT like an airplane would, but instead, it smelled like really good coffee.


  I was seated next to a teenage girl. She looked to be about 17 or 18. She had long brown hair, it reached below her chest, It had golden highlights thrown about in it. Her thick hangs fell just below her eyebrows, her lips were a light pink. She was wearing a black t shirt and white flowy almost see through pants. Her eyes flutter toward me as I sat down in the seat next to her. Her eyes were a deep blue, they were beautiful, but before I got a good look, they grew wide and looked back out the window. 


  Looking forward at the seat in front of me I wondered why she looked at me like that. When it finally dawned on me... One Direction... I sighed. I turned to her and started talking to her, I was going to be on this plane for quite some time with her, might as well talk to her.


  "Hey there" I said to her


  "Oh hello." She said back. She was Irish, I could tell by her deep accent  


"My names Zayn." I smiled at her


  "I know who you are," she giggled, "my name is Willow, its very nice to meet you Zayn." 


  "That's a cool name" I state to her


  " Yeah, I really like it. It's different like me!" she chirps.   and she was different, she didn't treat me like a famous person, but she treated me like I am a real human being. Like I went to school with her. 


  "So where are you going?" I asked her  


"To Florida, my grandmother lives there and she's getting old, I just thought it was time for a visit."  


"Oh, me too"  


I felt the plane start to move and I quickly tensed up. I was terrified of heights.  


" Hey you okay?" she asks


  "Yeah, I'm just terrified of heights." 


  "You'll be fine" she reassured me.


  "Thanks" I say flashing her a smile.  


After the attendant goes over the safety procedures, the plane is racing down the runway when I feel a soft hand grab ajold of mine. My eyes are squeezed just but I peek out to see Willow holding my hand and smiling at me. I squeeze her hand tighter and she just runs her thumb along my skin, relaxing me. 


  When we were finally level, I opened my eyes and let her hand go. "Thank you" i say to her. " No problem, I used to be terrified too, but my mom always did this with me, and now, I'm not scared anymore." she smiled. 


  "Soo.. who is you favorite band?" ask her trying to get some small talk in.  


"It's actually One Direction.." she blushes.


  "Oh well then, lucky you." I winked at her.


  I liked her, she was so easy to talk to. She kind of reminded me of Niall. I have no idea how, maybe it was her eyes, but she just did. But it wasn't then kind of feelings that I had for Niall, more like, I liked her as a friend. 


  "Yeah, my favorite song is moments, there is just so much feeling in it. I mean I've cried just listening to that song before, it kind of relates me I guess you could say. I mean, my girlfriend die not to long ago and I just wish I could have one more day with her."   


" I'm so sorry... and did you say girlfriend?"  


 "Yeah, I like girls..." 


  "I see." I start  "I know how you feel. I lost my boyfriend only 2 weeks ago.... Niall..."  


"I heard about that, how are you?"  


 That was the first time someone had really asked me that since he died, and I was prepared to let it all out.


  "Well, honestly, not as good. I miss him like crazy. I would give anything to see him alive one more time. Anything. When I was first in the hospital I could hear Niall talk to me sometimes. Telling me he was okay and to go easy on the lads. That he was their friend too. But none of them loved him like I did."


   I paused and looked up at her, she was looking right at me. Her eyes were full of concern and sympathy. Like she really cared about what I was saying. But she had lost her girlfriend, so I knew she must've known what it felt like to loose someone you love.   I continued "When I was finally home, I spent a lot of time in his room. I would sleep in his room at night, and I would talk to him. Sometimes I thought I could hear him actually respond to me! But as soon as the voice would come, it was gone. I did everything in my power to get the voice to come back. But I could never do it. It would always come and go when it wanted to, and I honestly thought it was  Niall, and at the funeral I saw him. I really saw him! But hey only stayed to say goodbye. I miss him so much. I loved him. More than anything. He was the ONLY reason I'm still in One Direction. I just want him back... You know, you are the only person that's asked me how I am doing... Thank you"


  "Wow. I know exactly what you mean. I mean, I haven't had Crystal come and talk to but when you say you would do anything to see him again. That's exactly how I feel. I miss Crystal so much."   


"You are unlike any fan I have ever met. I normally hate talking to fans, but you... you're not treating me like a piece of meat, you're cool ya know that??"  


"Yeah I knew that"

she nudges me automatically changing the mood to a lighter one.   We talked a lot on the plane. About stuff she did with Crystal, they were together for 2 years. They seemed so happy together. She told me how they had known each other since they were little, but were never really friends and the barley even liked each other at all! But when they came out when Willow came out, it gave Crystal the guts to come out too and then they began talking and were for about 2 years when they actually got together when they were 16. 


  She showed me a picture she had of Crystal in her wallet. She had a long bleach blonde hair down to her belly button, she had dark brown eyes and a round freckled face. Her skin wasn't too pale, but not to tan. She had a thin and curvy frame. She was stunning. 


  'Wow, she's beautiful." I said


  "Yeah, she is." 


  She talked like she was still here, just like I do with Niall.   We also talked about music and how she was into so many different genres of music. She was a fan of One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Tyga, Lupe Fiasco, Jason Aldean, and ColdPlay. She really was cool. We talked for hours on end about anything we could think of. 


  We both got tired about 3 hours into the flight and decided we wanted to take a nap. She put her headphones in and leaned her head on my shoulder. I put my headphones in too and rested my head back against the soft seat.   


I dreamed about Willow, which was strange. We were going out to lunch, but at not at Nandos, we were going to some Italian restaurant. She was holding my and that hand had a ring on it. A wedding ring. So did mine. Her stomachs was bulging a bit too. She was wearing one of those long dresses that touched the floor.

    The inside was dimly light and there was wood everywhere. The walls were made of wood as well as the floor. They were dark and shiny. There were mirrors placed randomly throughout the restaurant to have it appear to be larger.

  "Table for 2 please" she said to the man at the podium.  

 "Right this way."

  We were seated and looking through the menu when she began talking to me. 

  "So, September 13th huh? What do you think it'll be? a boy or girl?"   I was so extremely confused that my only response was "What are you talking about?" 

  "The baby sweety."  

"That baby is not mine.." I responded and instantly felt bad. The look of sadness flooded her face

  "What do you mean? We made this baby together. This is your baby!" she yelled at me.  

I was freaking out so much that I got up and walked out of the restaurant. I walked out into the middle of the streent when I heard a car beep and I looked and it hit me, but I jolted awake.


  "Woah, you okay there?" Willow asked me  


"Yah, I just had a really weird dream" I said back.


  " I see" she says grinning, joking around.


  " No! Hahaha, not like that!" 


  "Mhmmm, sure" she winks. 


  " I'm serious!" 


  " Me too!"   


" Liar!"  


"Nu uhh!" 


  a flight attendant comes up and asks us if we need anything to eat   "Yeah, some Mac and cheese if you have it" I say  


" I'll have the same"


    I look over at her then back at the attendant    " put them both on my tab. thanks love"   Willow tried to stop the woman from walking away but I just put her hand over her mouth and she licked me.  




"Serves you right! Don't ever do that again!"


  "What? Be a gentleman?"  




  "What? Why?"


  "Chilvary is dead!" 


  " Wait, so you're saying you do like my chivalry?"


  "No, I love it."  




"i don't know!" she giggles


  "Okay..." I laughed.   


The woman brought us our food and it was so hot! I put a bite in my mouth and it burned my tounge so I spit it back out onto my plate. " Ew that is disgusting" Willow says to me "Shut up and eat your food." I tell her while shaking my head.


  --------------------------------------------------------------   Hey my snow globes(: hope you liked this chapter! I think it might be a little longer than my other chapters but I'm not sure... Not that much happened in this chapter and I'm sorry, but I will have more stuff happen in the next chapter. He will be in Florida in the next chapter and I think I have a plan for it too! MUAHAHA!   Well,hope you enjoyed and oh, what do you think of the new cover??    don't forget to COMMENT and VOTE<33

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