The Time Is Now

Zayn Malik hates being famous....He hates the crazed fans....He hates preforming....But the only reason he stays in the band, One Direction, is because of his love for Niall Horan. Zayn's best friend Louis Tomlinson convinces Zayn to finally tell how Niall how he feels about him. This story is full of happiness and tragidies....See how the roller coaster of life treats Zayn in this love story


6. Chapter 6 : The Fair/ The Departure


Niall funeral was a week ago. There have been no performances planned for the next 3 months. we needed time to settle down and really think about if we were going to Keep One Direction going. I didn't want to.. it just wouldn't feel the same with out Niall there. With his angelic voice. I had no idea what then fans thought, and right at that time I didn't really care either. But since Niall became my boyfriend, I've been more open to the fans. I've cared more about them. But at the moment, not one flying flip was given.    


Today the boys are leaving me alone, at my request. I just wanted to be alone.    I got out of my bed, walked down stairs, went to the kitchen, threw some popcorn in the microwave and picked out a movie. I didn't wanna watch anything with love or death... unless it was an action movie, so I picked out Live Free Or Die Hard.  


  I heard the microwave beep I indicating that the popcorn was done. I pulled out a big bowl and pt the popcorn in it. Then I added some extra salt...   


The movie began and I watched, about half way through, I got bored, so I turned it off and walked over to the study, my art supplies was in there and I wanted to paint, but I didn't want to sit in this room, so I packed up all the supplies and went out to the car. The one where my Niall had been hit head on. I got into the car and drove. I drove to the park where the sanctuary for Niall was, by decided that wasn't the spot, so I drove to Niall's grave.   


I got out and pulled out all the stuff and walked to his place. I had been there every day since the funeral. It was a beautiful place. "Hey Niall" I said to him. "How are you today?" and set down my stand and put my canvas on it, then I got my stool and started sketching what I was going to draw. It was me and Niall, standing at his grave. He wasn't really there though, more translucent. I couldn't see him, and didn't know he was there, but he was there. When I finished sketching I went in with my paints.  


  I finished about 2 hours later. It was full of color, and beauty. Niall was standing behind me and while i was kneeling in front of his grave. He had his hand on my shoulder. Our backs were facing away. Niall was wear a tuxedo and i was wearing my red and white plaid shirt. I took it home and put it in the study with all my other artwork.    


I was walking around our flat looking for something to do until i realized I was tired of being alone, I wanted to laugh... So I called up Harry and asked him if him and Louis wanted to hang, they gladly agreed and so then I called up Liam. He wanted to too. 


   We all met at Nandos for some lunch in honor of Niall, (we decided any time we wanted to go out for lunch anymore, we were going to Nandos) then we were walking down the street looking for something  to do when we saw a sign for a fair. 


  “Whatdaya say lads? Shall we go?" Louis asked, clearly wanting to go.   


“I'm down"  


 “Sounds fun"   


“ Sure" I shrugged  


 “ YES!" Louis shouted throwing his hands up in the air running around in circles.    


That made us all laugh, and I mean really laugh. Like we were hunched over laughing so hard. It was so nice to finally laugh again.




Finally, we got to the fair. I could hear the screams of girls flood throughout the area. Boys and girls holding hands kissing... playing carnival games with each other and winning prizes for their girlfriends. All of the things I wanted to do with.... No. Today I want to be happy. I mean thinking about Niall made me happy, but the though of him being gone didn't.    


It smelled like any fair would, like cotton candy and popcorn. There were tall roller coasters about 2 stories tall and some small, less than 15 feet tall. The ground was a soft green, almost like you'd want to lay down in it. The skies were a clear blue with a random cloud. There were food stands everywhere and game stands equally as spread out. Some where you throw a dart at a balloon and some where you shoot the water at the target. I was so caught up in my surroundings I almost did notice Louis.   


“Lads! Can we go on the scrambler?!" Louis begs   


 “Yes!” Harry says back.    


Louis sprints toward it and we all chase after him. Louis and Harry claimed into the same one and Liam and I into the other. “Its great to see you out and about lad" Liam says just before the ride starts. I could hear Louis and Harry laughing and screaming. I finally decided to let go of all my worries for today and threw my hands up and started yelling too, and as soon as I did, I could feel Liam loosened up. He threw his hands up too. “Wooo! Yeaahh!" Liam yelled, and laughed along.    


After we finish laughing and yelling our heads off on the ride, we got off and searched for a new ride. Next we went onto the mouse strap, a pointless roller coaster that was the best ride I bad ever been on. We took q break for a couple minutes and I decided I wanted some cotton candy.   


 I had walked over to the candy booth when I heard what they were saying . Those two guys talking about my Niall.   


“i'm glad the blonde gayfer is dead."   


“Maybe no more 'Baby you light up my world like no body else' "    “Yeah, I'm so fucking happy."    


I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around, found the faces who were talking about my Niall, and socked them both in their faces then kneed them in the groins. I heard the area around me go silent as people stopped to stare.


   I stopped beating on the two guys and stood up. They had gotten a good couple of punches in by then. I looked up and saw a huge crowd formed around us. 




I wiped blood off my mouth and saw Liam, Harry, and Louis push through the crowd. I walked up to them and started speaking, “Boys, I'm leaving, I cant be here anymore. I need to get away from everyone... Don't look for me, because I don't want to be found."       Then I turned around and walked right out of the fair. I could hear Liam and Louis and Harry yelling after me “Zayn! Come back!" But I kept on walking.   I walked all the way home.. I packed my bags. I grabbed all of my clothes, not knowing how long I would be gone for, and also got some of Niall things. I grabbed some art supplies and put them in a different suitcase. I packed all this stuff into the car and went straight to airport. I was going to go to America.. I bought the first plane out of England and boarded the plane.. I was going to a big place where no one could find me, and from there... I don't even know....  




Hey my lovely snow globes! how are you  today? sorry if this chapter is short, but I didn't want to put too much into this chapter. Okay, so I've gotten almost 1.1k reads on this so I think I'm gonna try and do this.. I am gunna ask for at least 5 votes to get the next chapter(: don't forget to tell me what you thought VOTE or COMMENT (:   Bye my snowglobes(:   

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