The Time Is Now

Zayn Malik hates being famous....He hates the crazed fans....He hates preforming....But the only reason he stays in the band, One Direction, is because of his love for Niall Horan. Zayn's best friend Louis Tomlinson convinces Zayn to finally tell how Niall how he feels about him. This story is full of happiness and tragidies....See how the roller coaster of life treats Zayn in this love story


5. Chapter 5 : The Funeral


We stood around the bench for about another 30 minutes before turn back to the van and bringing me back to mine and Niall's flat. Yes, it was still our flat. It always will be. I walked in, took my boots off, and walked to the kitchen/living room area. I sat on the couch, where I had dreamed Niall I had the heated make out session in my dream. My eyes filled with tears, at just the mere thought of kissing my Niall, one more time. "No. Not now." I say put loud to myself. “Good Zayn. Don't cry over me anymore. I'm fine. I'm watching over you ." I heard his sweet voice say to me.     




   Niall's mom, Maura, decided to wait until I got back from the hospital to have the funeral. To make sure I was there for when his body would be placed in the ground. Forever. She had organized the whole thing and made sure all I had to do was show up. She was so sad her son was gone. I got out of Niall's bed, I had slept there again last night. I went to my bathroom and peeled off my boxers and turned the shower on hot. I got in and washed my hair and body with Axe scented shampoo. I got out and wrapped a towel around my waist. I looked in the mirror, I had dark circles around my eyes, and I had a 5 o'clock shadow.    


    I was so tired, I stayed up late at night, crying. Talking to Niall, or well trying to talk him. Then, when I finally did fall asleep, I dreamed of the night.... Niall died...       


I pulled out my razor and shaving cream. I shaved my face to a chiseled perfection. Then I pulled out my styling wax and did my hair into my signature quiff. I then walked out into my bedroom and over to my closet. I pulled out my plain black suit. Then pulled out my black shoes that match it. I then sprayed my old spice cologne over myself. It was Niall's favorite.     


   I walked to the kitchen to eat something when I heard a knock on the door. "Come in." I said to the door. Louis poked his a flashed me a false smile. “Hey bud." he said to me. “Hey." I blandly responded. I pulled out a bowl, a spoon, some milk, and Lucky Charms...Again, Niall's favorite. “It's almost time to go.."he tells me. “ I know." I continue to poor the cereal into the bowl. I walk over to the glass table Niall and I shared so many meals at. I sit down in my seat. Looking straight ahead, where Niall used to sit. Louis goes to sit in his seat. “Louis, don't you dare sit in Niall's seat!"  I yell a him. He looks up at me in shock and slowly pushes the chair back in and moves to the one next to it. “Sorry mate, but, it's's Niall's seat... It's still his." It's okay." he glances down at his phone in his hand. "It's 10:42, we better go." I go and put my dishes into the sink and head to the front door. I open it up and I see limo waiting for me. I get in, sadly, and Louis climbs in behind me. Liam and Harry are already in there. They greet me with sad, weak smiles. Liam eyes are bloodshot, indicating he's been crying.      


  We sit in silence until we reach the cemetery. I get out and take in my surroundings. The grass is green, and the skies are clear. There are colorful flowers sitting in front of old grave stones. This is the kind of day Niall would've loved.      


  I breath deeply and wait for the boys to come out as well. When we're all out, we head over to where everyone is. Cher(Lloyd) showed up, along with Ed, Uncle Si, and Demi. I was so glad they came. We walked and Cher turned around, on the brink of tears, walks over to me, and hugs me. Then Demi, Ed, and Uncle Si.        The pastor is talking, but I just blank him out.. I'm looking at what's in front of him. A dark mahogany casket, surrounded with white and red flowers. The casket sits open, and my Niall sits in there, his hair quiffed up. I always liked it like that. His suit all nice and ironed and his face all stiched up.     


  The pastor interrupted my thoughts and asked if I wanted to say anything and I accepted, I came up, on the other side of Niall's open casket, and started to speak.“Niall, he was my best friend, my lover, my everything." I took a breath. “ He was always so happy, goofing around, and laughing." I paused. “I'm not going to lie, I loved Niall, for a long time. Ever since we first went to Harry's bungalow." another pause. “I wanted to get married to him, adopt a little girl, be a parent, a grandparent, and die with him. It was my dream for us." I looked from Maura to Demi, to Uncle Si. All their faces were wet with tears. “But all of that was cut short. By a man, who also disappeared from this world too. My Niall was taken from me, gone forever. I pray that he is alright, every night before I go to bed." I go to the other side of the casket to see my dead boyfriend. All suited up. His stitches on his face made him look tough. I laughed at that thought. “Niall, I miss you and love you. I know your watching over me." tears are streaming down my face now. I put my hand in his cold lifeless one and stand there. Louis comes up, pulls me away, and closes the casket.    


   As they lower the casket, I hear Liam start to sing,      


 Shut the door, turn the light off

I wanna be with you I wanna feel your love 

I wanna lay beside you I cannot hide this even though I try   

  Heart beats harder Time escapes me 

Trembling hands touch skin It makes this harder And the tears stream down my face   


    Then Harry..    


  If we could only have this life for one more day 

If we could only turn back time      


 Then I join in with Louis and Liam and Harry...    


  You know I'll be Your life, your voice your reason to be

 My love, my heart 

Is breathing for this Moment in time I'll find the words to say 

Before you leave me today    


   Next is Niall's part, but he's not here to sing it... I almost start to sing when I hear Demi, Ed, and Cher sing in sweet harmony,    


   Close the door

 Throw the key 

Don't wanna be reminded 

Don't wanna be seen 

Don't wanna be without you 

My judgement is clouded

 Like tonight's sky      


 And that's when the tears really start to flow, hearing my boyfriend's part being sung for him because he can't. Ever again. Then I hear Louis' angelic voice chime.....    


   Hands are silent 

Voice is numb 

Try to scream out my lungs

 It makes this harder 

And the tears stream down my face     


    The song is finished with a couple more verses and My part. We all gather in a group hug. Mourning our loss. I thank Cher, Demi, and Ed for singing his part. I hug them each and look at Niall, my now dead boyfriend,  now underground. Gone, forever. And ever.     


   I ask everyone to give me a minute with my boyfriend. I turn to his stone, “Niall, what am I gunna do with out you? I'm gonna miss you, as lot. I already do. I wonder if you miss me too." I feel a hand land on my shoulder and I turn to look at whoever it is. “Niall.." I gasp. I stand to be level with him. “Hey" He smiles at me. “I can't stay long.. but He let me say goodbye. I can't wait to be with you again Zayners, don't do anything stupid okay?" he tells me. “ I promise." I say. he caresses my face, I lean into it, “Don't go." I say." I have to. I love you. Forever." he turns around and walks away, fading. When he's gone, flowers appear where his last steps were taken. I crumble to my knees, crying.   




Hey guys(: hope you enjoyed this chapter! once again, idk if its long because I'm on my tablet, but hey, its something. I decided, I'm going to try and update every day. Some chapters might be longer, some shorter, but ehh whatever. xP Haha so I wanted cry writing this, just imagine it happening! I think only Directioners would understand the pain, but hey, if you aren't a directioner and do feel my pain, then I truly am sorry if I offended you! Oh! and before I forget! If I offended anyone with the "He let me say goodbye statement" I really am sorry!!    Lots of love (: p.s. comment?? vote?? I love when you doooo(:

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