The Time Is Now

Zayn Malik hates being famous....He hates the crazed fans....He hates preforming....But the only reason he stays in the band, One Direction, is because of his love for Niall Horan. Zayn's best friend Louis Tomlinson convinces Zayn to finally tell how Niall how he feels about him. This story is full of happiness and tragidies....See how the roller coaster of life treats Zayn in this love story


4. Chapter 4 : The Homecoming / The Surprise


It's now been a week. I haven't seen or heard anything, from this Niall apparition that has made itself known to me, since the last time we interacted. I like hearing Niall around the room when I was sad or upset. it always calmed me.


   "Ah, Mr. Malik, looks like you'll be going home today!" an overly cheery nurse says to me, looking up from the clip board in her hands."your back is all healed, well, there is going to be some soreness and be careful. No heavy lifting or exercise. I would suggest some stretching though. just a little. Let's get that IV outta your arm and then I can wheel you to the front where your friends are waiting for you." Thanks" I so bluntly respond to her. I feel a slight pulling on m skin and my IV is gone. "Let me help you into the chair sweetie" she says with a grin on her face."No, its okay." "No really, let me help" " I said its okay!" I yell pushing her off of me. She falls to the floor and I see tears starting to pool in her eyes. " I'm... I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened to me.." she stands herself up and smoothies out her white dress. " Its fine dear, let's just get you home."she wheels me to the front of the he hospital. 


  'What did I just do? I've never done or felt that way before.' I think to myself. I'm not the violent type. Never been that way. EVER. I see all the boys there, ready to pick me up. 


There were a few fans standing around holding signs that said “Get well soon!" or “We love you, get better!” and there was one little girl there, about 5 or 6. Her sign stood out to me. “We miss Niall too. Love you." I stood up from my wheel chair, still in my gown. I walked over to the girl, tears welling up in my eyes. I bent over and picked the girl up. "Thank you. I miss him so much. Thank you. Can I keep the poster?" she sweetly smiled, handed me the poster, kissed my cheek. " I know you loved him." only then, did I noticed she was crying too. Not because I, not trying to sound stuck up, Zayn was holding her, not because she was a crazed fan, but because she missed Niall. I stood there, holding her. Hugging her close to me. I stood there for about 5 minutes before I heard Paul softly grab my shoulder and say “Zayn, it's time to go." Before I put the girl softly on the ground, I ever so lightly pecked her cheek. "thank you." I said to her. She by far is the only fan I really like. I think they are starting to grow on me. 



Back at Niall's and mine flat, I walked upstairs to my room and changed into some black sweatpants and a white t shirt and some slippers. I was walking to the bathroom at the end of hall when I passed Niall's room. Yeah I know, we shared a flat and still had separate rooms, well that's because we've lived together for a while, just never as a couple. I slowly opened the door and walked into his room. I went over to his bed, and sat down. “I miss you Niall, so much."  I said talking to nothing. But it felt like he was still here.  I crawled to head of the bed, and slipped under the sheets and blankets. The scent him of surrounded me. I pulled the blankets above my head and laid there, thinking about the previous week we spent together. Tears welled up in my eyes at the thought that he was gone, forever... Well until I die... I thought about that. Ending my life... But I couldn't do that. Not yet at least. I had much to do before I could leave. That night, I laid in that bed, crying my eyes out, until I finally fell asleep.    


I dreamed about Niall. I dreamed he was still here.  




 I was sitting on the couch watching TV. There was annoying back to school ad on the tv . Niall's sitting next to me. He rolls over onto me so he's straddling me. "Come on Zayn, let's have some fun" he winks. I grin a crooked smile and pull the boys face to mine, our lips hovering each others. Taking control, closing the gap between us and pulled him close to me. Pulling his chest into mine, as close as I could. His tongue tracing my bottom lip, begging for acceptance to enter. I easily grant him entrance. Our lips moving in sync rapidly. Niall sits up higher on my lap so I have to lift my head. I pull and tug on his shirt and he quickly takes his off. Our lips meet again, but as soon as they come, they are gone, tracing my jaw, down my neck. I dig my short nails into his back, feeling his muscles. He pulls my shirt over my head. Our lips touch, I pick Niall up, carrying him to my room. He's still kissing me, running his finger through my hair, when I hear someone call my name "Zayn? Zayn?" Harry.. Dammit, why did Harry have to show up?    


*Dream Ends* (A/N: just thought I should clarify that this isn't a memory, just a dream)  


 I roll over expecting to find my Niall next to me, but all I feel is emptiness. Tears come again and I remember he's gone. Harry walks into the room and sees me crying. "Zayn!" "Harry, get out. Now." “Zayn, let me help." “GET OUT OF NIALL'S ROOM!! GET OUT!" with tears dripping down my face. His eyes are wide, I see fear and sympathy in them. He obeys me, and before he leaves, I think I see tears drip down his face too. “Zayn, I was their friend too, be gentle." I hear the Irish lad whisper in my left ear. I turn to try and see him, and this time I do. I see a picture of him, sitting on the dresser. Its not just him though, I'm there too. Its us, at the park, with the fans. I had so many emotions flowing through my mind. I screamed out. “NIALL! WHY?! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO?! WHY?! I MISS YOU. I NEED YOU. COME BACK!" i'm on my knees, bent over when Harry comes back in. He kneels next to be, encasing me in a hug.   


 We sat there crying for about 15 minutes, before Harry told me I needed to get ready. " For what?" I asked “It's a surprise." I got up, showered, threw on some jeans and a plaid flannel long sleeve button up and the dark blue beanie Niall had given me. I put on my black combat boots and met Harry at the door. “Paul and the boys are outside in the van, lets go lad.” Harry tells me, I nod my head and walk out the door. I open up the van to see the lads waiting for me and Harry. Liam scoots over so I can join him the first row of seats. I slide in and stare out the front window.    


We take several lefts and rights until we show up at a small park....Where the picture was taken. Liam and Louis walked ahead of me and Harry. When they stop, I walk up beside them, and I see it. I bench, with Niall's picture on it. He's smiling at the camera. His braces showing. Surrounded by that there were posters and cards. “The fans did this" Louis whispers. I walk to the bench, pick up a card I read it aloud. “ Niall, I know we've never met, but I miss you. I miss watching your twitcams and seeing pictures in magazines. You are a beautiful man, and you were and still are loved by so many people. So many. I can't even relate to how Zayn or any of the other boys feel. But I do miss you. You are my hero, you inspired me to be myself. I love you. Sarah"  Again, tears overflow from my eyes. Surrounding the bench were flowers. Some were died green, some blue, some purple.   


 I turned and faced the boys. They were all crying, tears slipping down their cheeks. I then realized, I wasn't the only one that missed or loved him. We all had a place for him in our hearts. We all missed him.   




 Well, I cried a lot writing this... hope you guys enjoy it. Sorry if it's short xP I can't tell since I'm writing on my tablet. I decided I'm going to try and update Sunday nights. Just so you know lol. Don't forget to VOTE and COMMENT. I like when you do! Next chapter is going to be the funeral... I already have an idea for it(: Again, hoped you enjoyed!  

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