The Time Is Now

Zayn Malik hates being famous....He hates the crazed fans....He hates preforming....But the only reason he stays in the band, One Direction, is because of his love for Niall Horan. Zayn's best friend Louis Tomlinson convinces Zayn to finally tell how Niall how he feels about him. This story is full of happiness and tragidies....See how the roller coaster of life treats Zayn in this love story


10. Chapter 10: The Awakening

'I've woken up in a hospital too many times this past year.' I think to myself.

My eyes flutter open to see my mates all around me. Liam's in the chair next to me, Louis and Harry on the small, green, uncomfortable looking couch. They're all asleep. Harry's snoring. Louis is drooling, I can't see Liam's face, its face down on the bed, next to my leg. There are flowers of all colors filling the room. Balloons are scattered and cards are filling the bedside table. Its quite a sad sight.

Liam makes a stir, I shut my eyes. I don't want to see them yet. I'm embarrassed, worried, scared. I'm just not ready to see them after the way I left and what just happened.

I feel the pressure of where Liam's head was on my bed shift. His head left the side of the bed. I hear him sigh. Then footsteps and him say "Lou, Harry, I'm going the bathroom. " "I'll join you" Louis voice cracks. "" I'm just gunna stay here." harry says sleepily. I can hear their footsteps as they exit the room. I hear another set of footsteps approaching my bed, the squeak of a chair. A sigh.

"Zayn, when ya gonna wake up man? Everyone's worried sick. "

I've gotta face him sooner or later.

" Harry?" I say when I catch a glimpse of him. His face is in his hands.


"Hey mate"

" Zayn! You're awake!" Harry yells.

"Hey! shut your trap, I don't want any nurses in here right now."

"What? Why?"

I just don't want them here. And as if on cue, a nurse walks in and following her are Liam and Louis.

"Zayn!" they both yell in unison

"Hush up" the nurse tells the boys..

She's older but not too old..She seems to be in her late 30's or early 40's but she look quite beautiful for her age.. she had slight wrinkles by her dark blue eyes caused by the small smile she has on her mouth. Her ash blonde hair fell just below her shoulders. Her body was quite fit, like she actually cared about herself. She wore light pink scrubs with white sneakers.

"Hello Zayn! My name is Trisha, but you can call me Trish. Its very nice to meet you...when you're awake." she lightly laughs, causing my mouth to form a small smile.

"So now that you've woken up, how are you feeling?"

"My throat is a bit soar, I have a small headache and my stomach hurts a bit" i respond quietly

"Well, I can tell ya this, when the paramedics reached you at your hotel room, they had to make you...vomit, to remove the pills from your stomach... i would have thought the pain had disappeared by now, but I'm not surprised" she says while jotting down something on the clipboard she held in her hands. "You're head is because of the-"

"Please, could we be alone?" i ask the lads

they all nod their heads in agreement and file out of the room, shuffling their feet.

I was uncomfortable hearing her talk about what happened, and even more uncomfortable with the fact that the boys were listening to every word they said.

After Louis had closed the door I look to her and she continues on..


"Your head is because of the pill Zayn." she finishes. "The pills hurt your body and it's going to take time to recuperate. And your stomach, I think you might be a little hungry." she titters.

"How long am I going to be here?" My voice cracks a bit as I ask

"Not too long, just a few more days. But after that, because of what happened, what you did, we plan on moving you to a different facility, one to help you with what you're going through, whatever it may be."

i don't answer her, I just roll my eyes and sigh...

"Zayn," she starts " we just want you to get better. Well move you back home to London, you can stay over there, we have a hospital over there that is very nice. it's one of the top in the U.K. All your expenses will be paid and you'll only be there for about a month... if need be and you aren't improving, you'll stay longer, but that's a last resort"

i nod to her, not knowing what to say. I try as nicely as possible to ask her to bring the guys back in. She nods her head up and down allowing me access to my friends.

She opens the door and they come back in.

"I'll let you tell them what I just told you" she says closing the door on her way out.

Their heads shift from watching her leave to me, with the look of confusion sprawled across of their faces.

"she said that I am going to be moved to a mental hospital."

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