Meant To Be. (One Direction FanFiction)

When Emily's broken heart runs into the one of Niall Horan, will he be able to fix her Emily's heart and her misery, or break her heart like every other dick boy she's met.

Is her and Niall meant to be?



5. To The Hospital!

Niall's P.O.V

So here we were, Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn and I. Driving to the hospital, with a stranger in our car.

I can't believe she tried to commit suicide. She's so beautiful, why would she want to do something like that. I turned to look at  her, she was sleeping. She was so peaceful but she was still shivering. I was so scared. She might not make it, the water's ice cold. I would know because I jumped in to save her. I wasn't in there long like her though, I'm cold but it's not really getting to me. I'm used to the cold.

I was sitting next to her in the back, Louis was driving. Zayn in the passenger seat, Harry next to me, and  she was on Liam's Lap.

She fell asleep almost straight away.  I stroked her face with the back of my hand, she was so cold and her cheeks were turning purple.

C'mon Louis, hurry up!

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