Meant To Be. (One Direction FanFiction)

When Emily's broken heart runs into the one of Niall Horan, will he be able to fix her Emily's heart and her misery, or break her heart like every other dick boy she's met.

Is her and Niall meant to be?



15. Great Start.

Niall's P.O.V

I came back from the cafe to Emily, but she wasn't there. I started looking around frantically. I was becoming nervous. I reached a couple of toilets and figured she'd probably just gone in there. I waited outside whistling calmly. I suddenly heard a bang coming from the disabled toilet.

'out of order'

it said on the door. Suddenly,



"Emily? Emily!! I'm coming!!" I barged open the door and saw Emily naked with a boy, forcing her against a wall. I didn't have time to think. I ran in, grabbed the man, and pushed him away. I cried for security and ran into Emily. She had fallen on to the floor and was crying.

"Emily, Emily love! Are you okay? Emily, did he do anything to you?!" I asked holding her. She didn't reply for a while,

"Can we just go?" she stuttered. I grabbed her clothes and carefully put them back on her.

We left the airport.


Great Start.

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