Meant To Be. (One Direction FanFiction)

When Emily's broken heart runs into the one of Niall Horan, will he be able to fix her Emily's heart and her misery, or break her heart like every other dick boy she's met.

Is her and Niall meant to be?



11. Doorbell..

Niall's P.O.V

I have to go back home tomorrow. I was looking forward to it but now I feel bad for dragging Emily along with me. I'm sure she doesn't want to come to Ireland, I mean, c'mon. It's Ireland for God's Sake..

I was packing my stuff when I heard a thump and a scream. It was coming from the bathroom. I ran there and bashed into the door. It was locked.

"Hello? Who's in there?!" I asked, bashing my fists against the door.

"Niall? Niall! It's me, Emily!"

"Emily?! What are you doing? Are you okay?!" I asked getting worried.

"No. Niall I was taking a shower and I slipped. My ankle really hurts, and I can't stand up!"

"Oh God, okay I'm coming in to get you!" I started,

"No, don't!!" she cried.

"Why not?!"

"Because I'm in THE SHOWER,"

"Ohhh, right. Well, I have to, you're in pain!"

"No Niall, I'll do it myself!" She said. I waited a second or two and heard rumbling. Suddenly I heard a screaching noise, a crash, and another scream,

"AHHH. SHIT. OH GOD, NIALL HELP. IT HURTS, HELP ME!!" she was screaming and crying. Shit. I've had enough. I took a couple steps back and ran into the door. I burst it off it's hinges. Emily was on the floor, naked, holding her foot and crying.

Wow. She looked, wow.

"Emily!" I cried. She looked up and went bright red. I chuckled under my breath. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her naked body. I gotta admit, it was really hard to maintain eye contact..

I lifted her, bridal style, and carried her into the living room. I gently placed her on the sofa and rang a doctor.

When I was done, I went over and sat by her.

"Feeling better love?"

"A bit, my my ankle kills!" she replied. I glanced down, it was purple. Oh fucking shit. I moved my hand to her foot. She whined and pulled a face.

"Ooh God, sorry Em!"

She giggled a bit, "it's okay," she smiled. Her hair was dripping wet.

"Here, I'll dry your hair for you," I said.

I started taking off the towel that was wrapped around her. She flinched and held the towel in place.

"Oh Jesus," I rolled my eyes, jokingly. I got another towel and dried her hair with that. I wrapped the towel around her head and hair, that I saw my mum doing when I was younger. She was still wet on her body. I took the towel that was wrapped around her an started drying her legs, moving my hands up and down her thighs.

I could feel her heart racing.

When I moved to her arms, I could feel her relax a bit.

Then I moved to her chest and she tensed. Oh how I loved teasing.

"Shit, Niall, stop!" she mumbled. She was enjoying this though, I could tell. I chuckled.

I massaged her torso, all over.

She finally started to get used to it. She relaxed and laid her head back onto the sofa, closing her eyes.

Slowly and carefully. I started to unwrap her towel. She didn't stop me. I carried on, until she was completely naked on my sofa.

Oh my fucking wow.

This was so fucking hard. So tempting oh god. I need a distraction! I grabbed some sweatpants and a baggy top for her. I helped her into them and kissed her forhead. I kissed it again and made my way to her neck. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer.

I wanted to go further. Soo bad. My hands slid down and I lifted her up, so there was enough room for me on the sofa. I lay down on top of her and my hand slid up her top. I felt her tense again. She stopped and pulled away from the kiss.

The doorbell rang.

Eurgh great.









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