Meant To Be. (One Direction FanFiction)

When Emily's broken heart runs into the one of Niall Horan, will he be able to fix her Emily's heart and her misery, or break her heart like every other dick boy she's met.

Is her and Niall meant to be?



17. Best Day.

Emily's P.O.V

Wow. I told Niall everything. Well, I trust him with my heart, even though I've only just met him. He's been so amazing to me, I don't know what I've done to deserve this, really!

It's been a week here in Ireland. We haven't spoken much of the subject, but he keeps checking my arms to make sure I haven't cut anymore. I haven't! Doesn't he trust me?! It's nice that he cares, I've got to be happy really..

Today we're going to the beach. I'm wearing ripped denim shorts, and a baggy summery jumper with a bikini underneath, although I'm not planning on going in the water! I slipped on a pair of blule Vans and went downstairs. I met Niall and his family in the living room then off we went.

When we were there, we just sat on the golden sand and talked. Some of his mates were there messing about. One boy, Chase I think his name is, suggested we all go in the water. Oh no. Everyone agreed and got up and started walking. I stayed where I was. Chase and Niall stopped while everyone else went on,

"Come on Emily, aren't you coming?"

I shook my head.

"Come on!"

I just stood there.

"Come on!!"

He grabbed my arm and started pulling me. Niall looked at me, realising why I didn't want to go in,

"Chase! Leave her!"

I thanked Niall and he stayed with me in the sand.

"I'm sorry," I said feeling guilty.

"For what?" Niall chuckled.

"You're staying here with me instead of going in the sea.."

"Oh, that's fine! I'd rather be with you anyway," he smiled at me. Oh my, his smile made my heart melt. "Wait here a sec," Niall got up and walked to the car. He pulled out a beautiful acoustic guitar and sat back down.

He started to play I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. His voice was amazing, angelic. It sent shivers down my spine.

The way he sang the song made me feel like it was written for me, somehow..

I think I'm falling for Niall, hard.


A little later on, it was getting dark and we were all huddled around a campfire. The flames flickered in the cool sea breeze. Niall was snuggled up to me with his arm around me, keeping me warm. We were all laughing and singing campfire songs, haha. I feel like this is my family. I feel loved.



Suddenly, I'm in a car pulling into a drive way. I sat up. I was on Niall's lap in the backseat. He smiled at me. We all got out of  the car and he carried me upstairs into a bed.

"This is your room, I'll be just next door if you need anything," he whispered to me. I nodded, falling asleep.


One of the best days in a while.











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