I'll Always Love You Liam

When Hailey becomes victimized by Holly and Liam steps in to help everything seems perfect. They love eachother. But everytime something good happens she's faced with another obstacle.


1. How It All Started

[[[ My P.O.V.]]]

'I've had enough of this.' I think as I'm thrown against the brick wall by bitch-awhoreous-rex (a.k.a my ex-best friend Holly). Shes been treating me like this ever since our friendship ended when she was the whole reason the friendship was ruined in the first place! BAM! Her hand hits the wall as I move my head just barely fast enough to avoid getting punched in the face. "Oh you gonna pay fir that one Hailey!" she yells. But the joke is on her, this time im fighting back. She goes to throw a punch and I stop her with a kick to the gut. "OW!" she yells. I bend over trying to catch my breath from when I was slammed against the wall, when unexpectedly she throws me to the ground and starts kicking me in the legs, arms, and stomach. Once im practically curled up in a ball from the force of her kicks she sees the torture shes causing laughs before running away. I feel the bruises on my legs and start to tear up. I manage to prop myself up against the wall, and then the tears gain a steady flow and soon I'm bawling. "WHY!?" I yell as a punch my fist against the wall behind me. Well that was a big mistake now I'm in even more pain. "No guys I'm not crazy! I heard a voice scream WHY" I hear someone say, and I almost drop dead. I knew that voice any where; that was Liam Paynes voice. "Oh great now I'm hallucinating" I think out loud. "Listen! See there it is again someones talking!" "Mate, we believe you but we don't see anyone." that time the accent was Irish. Wait what!? Irish!? I thought "But thats not possible! They live in london!" my thoughts are continued out loud "unless.... THATS RIGHT! THEY CAME TO TAMPA!!" I yelled- woops shouldn't have done that. They were coming this way now, their voices getting closer. I couldn't let One Direction see me like this; especially not Liam. Who knows what Liam would think of me. And them the tears come down my face again. "Excuse me? Are you ok?" I look up and see all five of them. Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam. Liam kneels down next to me. "Are you ok? I heard you screaam, you sounded pretty disstressed..." I looked at him and burst into tears again and then I told him what happened. Starting with how mine and Holly's friendship ended. "I had a boyfriend and h-he cheated on me. And then a week after we broke up he asked this girl Holly, who was my best friend at the time, he asked her out. And i thought she would say no, because she knew he had cheated on me, but she didnt. And then she kissed him right in front of me and rubbed it in my face that they were together....." it was getting hard for me to breathe from all the sobbing but i continued the story. "and wh-when i got mad at her for what she was doing she became convinced i was just a jealous slut. And now she.... she beats me up whenever she sees me." I was done and i started crying again. Then Liam spoke

"Is that what happened tonight? She beat you up?"

"Yeah she beat me up again, I tried fighting back but she's trained in karate."

"Well thats not right. C'mon- whats your name again love?"

"Hailey.... Wait your taking me with you?"

"Well I'm not leaving you here if thats what you think." Liam holds out his hand for me to grab and helps me up. I whimper when i stand; guess the bruises on my legs were worse than i thought. Just then Liam picks me up. "Can't have you walking in pain" he states as he picks me up and we begin walking.....

[[[ Liams P.O.V]]]

I was walking down the street looking for something to eat with the boys when i heard the sound of a girls voice coming from down an alley. "WHY?" she screamed, and then I heard soft whimpering, as if the girl was crying. "Did you guys her that?" i ask, just to make sure I haven't gone mad. "Hear what?" Harry responds, "Yeh i didn't hear anything either" adds Niall "You sure your okay?" asks Zayn. "No guys I'm not crazy! I heard a voice scream 'WHY'." Then, I heard it again; the voice. This time she must've been thinking out loud, she yelled "thats impossible! unless.." and then her voice trailed off. " Listen! See there it is again someones talking!" I yelled, "mate we belive you, but there no one there." responded Niall. "THEY CAME TO TAMPA!" that time i saw it on their faces, they had heard her. "It sounds like she was over there." i said and we began to walk down the alley. I saw her outline. she was bent over, sobbing. Here knees were pulled up to her chest and what I guessed was her hair was covering her face. Me, Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Louis just stood and waited for her to notice we were standing in front of her. When she looked up and moved her hair out of her face i was shocked, it was bruised and puffy. But aside from all that she was beautiful, she had short brown hair and beautiful brown eyes that shined with tears in the moonlight. "Are you okay?" Harry asked. She just stared without saying a word. I knelt down next to her and tried to get her to talk. "Are you okay? I heard you scream, you sounded pretty disstressed..." And then she starts to cry again. And inbetween those sobs she tells me her story. How her ex boyfriend cheated on her and then asked her best friend (Holly) out a week later, how the Holly (who was no longer her best friend) had said yes and used to rub it in her face that they were together. And the last part was the part that truly killed me. How Holly beat this poor beautiful girl sitting in front of me up whenever they came across eachother. Her story made me want to cry, but i couldn't. I told myself I was gonna be strong for the girl sitting in front me. The girl I was beggining to love.

"Is that what happened tonight? she beat you up?" I asked

" Yeah she beat me up again, I tried to fight back but she's trained in karate."

"Well thats not right. C'mon - what's your name again love?"I told her, a look of shock came across her face.

"Hailey.... wait you're taking me with you?"

"Well I'm not leaving you here if that's what you think." I held out my hand to help her up. When she got up she winced in pain and I noticed the bruises on her legs. "Can't have you walking in pain." i said as i picked her up bridal-style and we began walking down the street....

~~~~~~~~~~~ End Of Chapter 1 ~~~~~~~~~~

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