Horror Comes Alive

A pregnant 25 year old named Jackie noves into a new house. Jackie discovers a book in her attic. She reads the stories. They come true. How will she get rid of the spirits, Monsters and vampires. There is now a curse on her. There is only one thing to do what is it? Find out in this story.


1. The Book

I just bought this new house in Montana. I am 2 weeks pregnant. I was cleaning the house. I heard a knock on the door and my new neihbors were there. A small girl about 3 or 4. A boy the same age. And a happy woman. She said "Welcome to the neighborhood!" I said "Thank you! I am Jacquilyn. But, everyone calls me Jackie."The mother said "I am Julia." The little girl said "Hello!" I said "Hi what's your name?" She said "I am Kim and this is my brother James." I said "Nice to meet you!" She said "You too!" The mother said "If you ever need anything you can call us." She said while giving me a piece of paper. I said "Hold on." She waited while I wrote my phone number down and I gave it to her. I said "If you ever need any help with anything call this number." She said "Okay." Kim said "Why do you have all of these toys?" I said "I'm gonna have a baby." She gasped and covered her mouth I started to laugh. I said "Bye!" They all said "Bye!" back and walked next door. While I was cleaning I went into the attic and I saw a book and I grabbed it and sat on the chair. The title was "Horror Comes Alive" I love a good horror book! I opened it and the first story was called "The Blood is the Drink." I turned the page and read. It was pretty scary and seemed like real life. I was really hungry when I finished the story. I got walked to the neighbors house. Julia answered the door. I said "Do you want to go to McDonald's? I'll pay!" She said "Okay. That's a lot easier then cooking a bunch of Macaroni and Cheese." Julia said "Kids! Come on!! Were going to McDonald's!" I heard Kim say "Yay!" I said "Why doesn't James talk?" Julia said "He is aphonic." I said "I am so sorry!" She said "Don't be!" I said "Okay." I couldn't help but feel bad though.

When we got to McDonald's we ordered our food. I got 20 piece chicken mcnuggets and shared with Kim. When we were done. James and Kim ran into the play area. Me and Julia got to know eachother a lot better. I drove them home. Then I went inside and picked the book back up. I read another story "When the Moon Becomes Full" I went to sleep that night and woke up to a howling wolf. And scratching at my door.

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