how one concert changed my life

This story is about how to best friends ashley and jill get one direwction tickets. but wehn they find out the tickets they bought are worthless they will stop at nothing to see there favorite band and what happens when they do? you will have to read through this adventure story and find out there will be non stop action and drama and adventure :)


6. what the hell is going on part 1

jills pov

i was woken up by my older brother hes a real dick. he comes into my room with a buckket of water.. i think we all know where this is going.

"dude im so wet wtf!!"

he laughs

"you such i perv." i say with disgust

"ash called."

"what!!! when why dident you wake me."

"Bcause i wanted to talk to her."


"because shes hot."

i roll my eyes and grab my phone to call her

"ring-ring hello"

"hey ash sorry i dident anwser i was sleeping."

"oh ok i think we should talk."

"me to."

"meet me at starbuks in a half an hour."

"ok." i say hanging up the phone

my brother if you dident notice is a really big perv and it really anoiys me.

"so whats up with you and ash?"

"why do you care?"

"becuase im your bother and i care about you and um ash dident say anything about me right?"

i look at him "what are you talking about."

"just anwser my question."

"no she just said we needed to talk but why?"

"nothing dont worry about it."

"is something going on that i dont know about." he shakes his head i have no idea whats going on but something is not right. ive had an accually conversation with my brother with out him ruining it or doing something stupid. i was gonna say something but he qickly runs out of the room. i start to get ready and i get in my car and drive to starbucks i get a mocha frapp and sit down. i see ash and i wave her down. she comes and sits.

"hey ash!"

"hey" she says looking down.

"is something wrong?"


"well tell me come on you can tell me anything!"

"its not something i can just tell you,"

"sure you can im sure ill understand."

"yeah i dont think you will"

"ash what are you talking about?"

"i got drunk last night well sorta drunk and i um did something i regret."

"well what did you do?"

"i ummm well i dont know how to say this but i sleep with someone, someone you know and are pretty close with."

"ok and that person is?"

CLIFFHANGER! (this is part one of 2 sorry its short ive been soooo bissy)


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