how one concert changed my life

This story is about how to best friends ashley and jill get one direwction tickets. but wehn they find out the tickets they bought are worthless they will stop at nothing to see there favorite band and what happens when they do? you will have to read through this adventure story and find out there will be non stop action and drama and adventure :)


2. what a great party

i pull jill inside and say to jared "i gtg but well see you at the party" he winks at me and says "alright." i close the door and smile i look at jill. She says "what party?" i smile and take her hand and bring her up stairs "we are going to a party tonight!" she looks at me "Jareds party?" i shake my head up and down and smile. she looks at me "is that why you guys where so close and it was awkward when i came?" "well he asked us to come and then he was gonna kiss me." i smile a little she laughs and says "Why are you so dam lucky hes so hot." i say "i know." she heads to my closet "what are you gonna wear? how bout this?" she takes out a crop top. i laugh "im not going like a little hoho."She laughs ok how bout this?"she takes out a really cute laces tank. "I like that so much with shorts!" We spend a couple hours getting ready now we look super cute. "jill you look great in those skinny jeans and straplace shirt" she smiles. "ok so party starts in an hour lets go get something to eat." i get us some pizza and we sit at the kichen table. jill ask me "so are you and jared like a thing now?" i finish chewing and say "idk i like him ALOT but idk its complicated." We finish and head out the door i say we should walk cuz its 2 doors down and we might drink. jill stops walking. "Ash you know i dont drink!" i turn around "I know and you dont have to but Come on it will be really fun!" we keep walking and get there. theres so many people already there the music is increbily loud and EVERYONE is drinking. we enter and i see jared we walk in and i say "hey jared" he says "hey guys make yourselfs at home." he then wispers in my ear "i gotta suprize for you meet me up stairs in 10" then he walks away and i tell jill. "oh my god whats the suprise?" i say "I have know idea." she looks at me "do you think hes gonna... you know... do you?" My jaw drops "what!? no i mean i dont think so... oh god i hate suprises now." "He probably wont its just an idea" "well i guess i should go up stairs wish me luck" she hugs me and i go up stairs and find his room. i try to open it its locked i knock on it a couple times and wait. He opend the door and pulls me in then he shuts the door and locks it. I wait for him to say something. he looks at me and says "You ready for your suprise?" i shake my head he gets close to me puts his hands on my hips and kisses me. Its was the best kiss ever i mean its was long and i let him slip his tounge in a little. It was so romantic and not awkward at all he is a GREAT kisser i will never forget it. we got so into it he brought me to his bed we sat and kissed he then got up and gave me a beer i drank the whole thing pretty fast he was inpressed. "i really like you" he says with such cofedence. i stand up and kiss him again and again and again. i totally lost track of time its was 1:00 and i left jill i told him i had to go he gave me his number and i left i found jill and we where so tired we left I told her i will tell her everything in the mourning and we went to sleep and i had


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