how one concert changed my life

This story is about how to best friends ashley and jill get one direwction tickets. but wehn they find out the tickets they bought are worthless they will stop at nothing to see there favorite band and what happens when they do? you will have to read through this adventure story and find out there will be non stop action and drama and adventure :)


4. the date

I walk up the door and go inside i go up to my room and crank some music. now you may think that all i listen to is one direction but i listen to other things to. so i turn on my ipod and its starts singing "hello hello hello hellllloooooooo" its my favorite song (besides one direction) its by karmin and its called hello. i take a fast shower and start to do my hair i blow dry then i straighten. as i straighten the last part i say "perfect" and i smile in the mirror. i go into my room and put on my new dress with blue flowers and look in the mirror as i put on my blue earings. "done!" i hear the door bell ring "hes here!!!" i run down the stairs then casually open the door. "hey! i was hoping you would be in your bra and underwear again." he says smirking.I laugh and say "so where are we going?" He put out his hand for me to take it i smile and take his hand. i close the door and he leads me to his car. he opens the door for me.I am inpressed he is a proper gentilmen as i sayed PERFECT! "thank you i say sitting down." he closes the door and gets in. He turns on this rap song that really stupid its all "PUSSY PUSSY PUSSY" "oh hell no!" i say turning it off. "you dont like that song?" i shake my head "damn thats like my favorite!" i look out the window and ask "so when did you start to like me?" he looks at me with his adorable eyes and says "forever!" i cant help but smile. "you know you have the most amazing smile i have ever seen." "aw thanks!" we arrive at the resturant and we go in. he seats us and he says "im probably the luckest guy in the world right now!" i ask evan know i know the anwser "why?" "because im here with you right now." "you are probably the sweatest and nices guy i have ever gone on a date with." i pick up the menue and start to look at it "i hope im the last." he says "why?" "so that well live the rest of our lifes together." i couldent help but laugh at that a little. Hes an amazing guy but i dont think hes "the one" if you know what i mean. i order a chicken ceaser saled while he orders a hamburger. "How long have you liked me?" He says smileing "since i first saw you." i say gazeing into his eyes. our food comes and we start to eat. "you are one of the prettest girls and school you know that right?" "and your one of the hottest." i say smileing. we both laugh and continue eating."I want you to acted like you when your around me becuase thats the point i like YOU. not the you whos trying to impress your boyfriend." i cant believe this that is the most amazing thing anybody has ever sayed to me and its so sweat oh god now i am really falling for him. and BOYFRIEND omg no way this is the best day ever!!! "i will i promise!" we finish our dinner and we split an ice cream sunday. and he fead me the last bite how romantic <3333 and then he paid for the whole the whole thing i ofered to pay at least half but he would let me. This was the best date i have ever been on i hope its not over yet. we walk out and he gets me into the car and then he gets in i say romanticly "This has been a great date i wish it dosent have to end." he looks at me "it dosent have to." he then puts his hand on my check and softly kisses me i then wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him back. this gose on for a while then we start to drive back. "you are a great kisser." "you too." we pull in to my drive way and he says "This was really fun to bad it has to end." he says sadley "It dosent have to" i grab his shirt pull him closer and kiss him. he kisses me back with joy he then backs off and says "im sorry but i really got to go i have foot ball soon." i say ok i give him one last kiss and i go inside. i go striaght to the phone and tell jill everything that happend jill reaction was "OMFG so hes your boytoy he kissed you and you got a free meal damn your lucky!" that night i went to bed smileing i had a great day more like an AWSOME day!

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