how one concert changed my life

This story is about how to best friends ashley and jill get one direwction tickets. but wehn they find out the tickets they bought are worthless they will stop at nothing to see there favorite band and what happens when they do? you will have to read through this adventure story and find out there will be non stop action and drama and adventure :)


3. 9 days before the concert

as i slowly open my eyes from a great night sleep i see jill look down at me "hi sleepy head." i smile alitttle still half asleep "Well you have to tell me what happend last night." i sit up and smile "its was the best night ever!" i stand up and start to make break fast "well are you gonna tell me or what?" i look at her "He kissed me." she screams and comes up and hugs me "no way that was the suprise?" i shake my head " so now are you guys a thing?" "idk i mean maby but maby it was just a kiss." i think to my self the most amazing kiss of my life. "Is he a good kisser?" "He is amazing!" i put breakfast on the table and we start to eat my phone starts to sing "you got that one thing to get out get out get outta my head and fall into my arms instead." we sing as it plays then i anwser it "hello." i put my hand on the speaker and tell jill its jared after a little bit i hang up "ahhhhhh you will not believe what just happend!" "what happend?!" i do a little dance and then say "he asked me out on a date yayayyayayayayayayayayay" she get up and we do our little happen dance. "when is it" "tonightttt oh my god what am i gonna where????" "lets go shopping." we grab our bags and we head out i turn on the car and turn up one direction "thats what makeing you beautiful baby you light up my world light nobody else the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed." we sing along and have a great time. i pull up into the parking spot and say "where here." we get out and start to walk in "do you thing hes gonna kiss you again?" "i sure hope so." we walk into forever 21 this is my alltime favorite store in the whole mall. "oh ash how about this?" she points to a florel dress with blue flowers. "Oh my god i love it!" i go into the dressing room and put it on. it fits me perfectly, its shows my curves and hugs my hips not to short and no to long. i come out of the dressing room and do a little spill "its perfect i love it." "i agree." i go back in and take it off i come back out "Now lets go look at accesories." we walk over and i see a blue flower earings. i walk over and pick it up "these are perfect" "ash you have to get them" i take them and we get online. "im so excited this is going to be the best night ever" i go to the counter and pay we leave the store and walk around a little bit "so what are you gonna do tonight jill?" "oh idk sit home watch tv."wanna get smothies?" "yea!" We get online at smothing king. i order a mixed berry smothies and jill orders a banana strawberry smothie. we sit and drink it "9 days until 1D!!!" "i know ash! im so excited did your cousin send you the teckets yet?" "He sent them i should get them tommorrrow!" "i cant believe where gonna se 1D!" "I know how cool is that?" We finish our smothies and then we head back to the car we crank the music again. we pull into drive way jill says she got to go home we hug and she leaves and i go to start toget ready for which may be



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