how one concert changed my life

This story is about how to best friends ashley and jill get one direwction tickets. but wehn they find out the tickets they bought are worthless they will stop at nothing to see there favorite band and what happens when they do? you will have to read through this adventure story and find out there will be non stop action and drama and adventure :)


5. 8 days before the concert

I wake up hearing the door bell ring "ding-dong-dong-ding" most anoing door bell i have ever heard. I wipe my eyes still have alseep and open the door yawning. "Hey ash." jill says entering my house "what the hell are you doing here so early?" "its one oclock and you wherent anwsering your phone so i thought you got raped." we walk into the kichen and get some coffee. "8 days!" jill says excitedly. "i know i cant wait what are you gonna wear?" "i dont know we have to go shopping." "well go this weekend." I say pouring the coffee. "what are we doing today?" "i dont know what do you wanna do today?" "how about you go take a shower and get ready becuase we are deffently not staying home." i get up and go take a shower.

jill pov

As ash is taking a shower i go and watch some tv. I then here the door bell "ding-dong-dong-ding" i go over to the door and look threw the window. holy shit i think to myself its jared hes here for ashley aww. i open the door and say "hi." he looks at me "oh hi your ashleys friend right?" i eye brows go up "no im just in her house watching tv while she takes a shower." he laughs and i say "why are you here?" "jill, right?" i shake my head. "well i was gonna take ash out..." "well sorry but its girls day." i start to close the door when he put his hand to stop it. "you could come, you are quite beautiful." I think to myself he isent firting with me right? "nothanks i would rather not be the third weel." "Then would you rather come instead of ash?" My jaw drops "you know shes your girlfriend not me." he puts his hand on my check about to kiss me but i push him away and shut the door. i yell through the door "ash dosent deserve a guy like you!" "im sorry jill i couldent help myself please dont tell her." i open the door "you think that after what you did i wouldent tell my best friend." "she wont be your best friend when you tell her." i give him a confused face "what are you talking about?" "if you tell her she will think your jelous and you just dont want her to be with me and she will be mad at you for that." "no she wont." He puts one hand on the door way. "yea she will because she thinks im the "perfect guy." he says doing the finger movements. I think about it for a second what if hes right? ash dose think hes perfect and she knows im at least a litttle jelous. But im her best friend she would have to believe right? not some stupid guy she just meet. "i know she will believe me." i then shut the door in his face." oh god i say to myself what do i do now? i hear the shower turn off and i go back on the couch worrying about what i should say. Maby i shouldnt tell her but not right now ill take her to dinner or a movie or dinner and a movie.

ash pov

I put my hair in a bun, put on some makeup, and change. I go down stairs and see jill on the chouch. "hey girly what are we doing?" "a movie and dinner." "but its so early?" "yea where doing that later." "so what are we doing now?" "its a suprize." she says smiling "you know i hate supprises after what happend with jared. "i know but you will love this one." i grab a banana and say "are we leaving now?" "yes!" i grab my bag and we head out the door "are you driving?" i ask her "yes." i get into her car. i turn on the radio its playing justin beiber "as long as you love me we could be starving we could be homeless we could be broke." i turn it up and look out the window. My phone starts to vibrate i turn down the music and say "hey baby." "me  and jill are heading out sorry." "why would jill say anything about you?" I give jill a look and say "um ok anyways i got to go love you bye." i hang up the phone "well that was weird." jill looks at me what happend?" "I dont know he was acting weird he was like did jill say anything about me?" "oh thats weird." "do you know anything about this?" "not that i can think of right now." we arrive at the shopping center "you taking me shopping!" she shakes her head and we go and walk around it was really fun. I got some new shirts a skirt and a dress. We also took some really funny pictures. i cant wait for the movie and dinner. Its about 6:00 and where heading to the movie "so jill what are we gonna see?" "you wanna see that new horror movie house at the end of the street?" "Oh my god i want to see that so bad!" we get to the movie theater and go sit down. The movie was so scary i litterally jumped out of my seat but it was really good. After that im absolutly starving "you read for food?" jill asked "yes!" we get into the car and she takes me to olive garden!!! this is my favorite resturant i love it! there breadsticks are amazing. we get there and get a both i order shrimp scampi while jill orders some weird pasta dish.

jill pov

I dont know if i should tell ash or not but im going to anyway."so ash i remember something i need to tell you. its about jared." "ok is it about what he said on the phone?" i shake my head and start to begin what happend "i wanted to tell you over dinner but i guess i should have sooner." she looks around and im waiting for her to anwser. "you do believe me dont you." "you didnt just make up that story to what i told you he said right?" "you think i would would make that up?" "i hope you wouldent." "I cant believe your not believe me right now." oh my god is what jared was saying really happening? "i believe you its just jared would never do that." "so your saying you would take his side a boy you just meet over you best friend who has been there for you for everything?" "no im sorry i believe you ill talk to him can we just go im really tired. I dont buy it she so elieve jared over me and that makes me so mad i cant believe this. we grab our stuff and leave the car ride was long and awkward neither of us said a word. i droped her off and went home i went to bed thinking on how a friend i have been friends with for 9 years dosent believe me when i have never lied to her once. well i mean maby little stupid lies but never lied to her on something that mattered.well i had a hard time sleeping but i finnally fell asleep when i could think of anything else to say to myself about what happend (which took awhile)

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