lighting up my world

Shel falls in love with harry styles of one direction until she finds out that harry is her long long lost brother.


4. y did it take mum so long to tell us

Harry's pov- Since Shel and I cant date I guess that we will have too get too know each other. Plus I never knew that I had a sister that was a few years older than me. So I checked twitter too see if she had a twitter. Only her friend Chloe had one, hers was an awesome name luvliamjames. She had so many followers so i decided too follow her. I was about to send her a message until Shel asked " what you doing?" I replied " honestly checkin' out Chloes twitter." Shel said " well since you are my brother we need too get too know each other". Did shel just tell me that we need to get to know each other? Well we are related and I know nothing about her. So I asked her the basic questions like when is your birthday what is your favorite color and movie? She replied "June 25 1995 red and mr.Poppers penguins." I replied too the same questions " february 1 1994 orange and the lucky one."

Shels pov- Need less too say we are brother and sister why did it take mum that long too tell us...............

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