lighting up my world

Shel falls in love with harry styles of one direction until she finds out that harry is her long long lost brother.


6. The truth comes out of mum

Harrys pov- does shel really like louis well he is my best friend. From what shel has said about her they would be the worlds cutest couple in earth. Her friend clhoe.... No wait its Chloe. Well her and Liam would be a cute couple too. I already think that Shel is just like me. OMG maybe shes my twin. Just kidding but it would be cool to have a twin though.
"Help, help." I heard coming from the kitchen i go down stairs and see shel getting attacked by a huge spider. I couldn't help but laugh my butt off. OMG I cant believe she doesn't like spiders. I had to call my mum and ask her if I had a sister.
•ring ring ring•

" hey Hazza." My mum said.
"Can I ask you some thing?"
"Any thing."
"Be honest do I have a sister?"
"Yes you do." She said in tears.
"What happened too her?"
"She was stolen out of the hospital."
"What was her name?"
"Shelby why?"
"She goes to my college."
"Ill send you a picture of us."
"Ok talk too you later."
-i hang up on her.-
"Hey Shelby can you come here please?"
"Do you wanna take a picture with me?"
"Sure." I pushed her over by me and I took the picture on my phone. And i sent it to our mum.
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