lighting up my world

Shel falls in love with harry styles of one direction until she finds out that harry is her long long lost brother.


7. Spending quality time

Shels pov-

"Hey Harry."
"Yeah sis."
"You wanna hang out today?"
"No. Sorry." I then texted Chloe: (hey u wanna go to the movies?)
(Sure meet me at my apartment.) (k ill be there in 30mins.)
"Hey harry last chance wanna go to the movies."
"What movie are you gonna see?"
"Paranormal Activity4. Why?"
"Im in."
"Yay. You have to watch it with Chloe and me."
"So I wanna go to the movies."
"We are meeting Chloe at her apartment."
"I need to take a shower then we can go."

Chloe's pov- So I got a text from Shel she wanted to go to the movies and she said shell be her at my apartment in 30mins. Im going to invite Liam. I texted Liam (hey u wanna go c a movie?) (sure what movie?) (idk prolly Paranormal Activity 4) (ok meet ya at ur place) (c ya then)
I just invited Liam omg.

(A/N) sorry if it doesnt make sense i have writers block please comment for stuff i can add to the story.
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