lighting up my world

Shel falls in love with harry styles of one direction until she finds out that harry is her long long lost brother.


1. School :(

Shel's pov- Hi my name is Shelby but every body calls me Shel I'm 18 years old and I live with my best friend Chloe. I have long brown hair and brown eyes. Also I wear glasses which I rarely wear, and I have braces. For my and Chloes birthday we got one direction meet and greet tickets and concert tickets. We live in Cheshire, England. Chloe loves liam payne and I love Harry styles.

" Hey Shel are you ready yet?" Chloe asked.

" yeah give me a minute." I replied. I came down stairs in my favorite blue skinny jeans, my one direction t-shirt and my bright orange toms. We had 10 minutes til we had to be to college. I had to wear my geeky glasses. Chloe and I had the same exact classes with her, we were walking as fast as we could to our first hour. Then I accedently ran in to some guy all of his books fell and I helped him pick them up.

" Im so sorry, by the way im shelby but everyone calls me shel." I asked / said.

" its alright love Im Harry Styles but everyone calls me hazza." he replied.

I got in to the class and saw harry. He was waving his hands in the air and pointing to the seat next to him, I sat next to him. He slid m e apeice a paper that said " I think you are beautiful may be we should go out on a date then it had his # on it." I looked over and smiled and slid him a peice of paper that said "sounds good when and had my # on it." After that class i was walking to my next hour. Harry was following Chloe and I. I turned around and asked him " Why are you following us?" he replied "I have a class down this way." I felt really stupid.

Chloe's pov- Hey im Chloe I am 18 years old I live withmy best friend Shel ( shel is like the sister i never had). I and shel has the same exact tickets. We live in Cheshire, England. I wear glasses which I have to wear all the time I did have braces but I really didnt need them any more. I am mad in love with Liam Payne and  shel is in love with Harry Styles. Shel is one of the slowest people to get ready. I was drinking a large coffee with sugar and creamer. We then left to get to school on time. But shel was being her clumsy self as usual she ran in to a nice guy. She was sitting by him in first hour and i was sitting by a nice guy named Liam. 

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