lighting up my world

Shel falls in love with harry styles of one direction until she finds out that harry is her long long lost brother.


3. Love at first sight

Harrys pov- Im falling for Shel but I dont know how Im gonna get her to be my girlfriend. I love everything about her and shes everything too me. The way she laughs at everything the way she looks at me the way she can make everything a joke. I would never hurt her dissapoint her or love another girl.

Chloes pov- I think Harry loves Shel because the way she looks at him and the way he looks at her. Every time she is talking too me she always talk too me she cant stop talking about Harry. Liam and I were going to see a movie because we needed a long break from studying too hard. He liked me I know because guys I know wouldnt just ask me to go see a movie. Later that night all he told me was " Chloe I know we just met and everything but I like you more than a friend, will you be my girlfriend."

Shels pov- I just got othe phone with my mum and she said " you know the guy your dating?" I replied " yeah why." mum said " well he is your brother and well you have to brek up with him." All i did was hang up on her she never told me that we were related. Luckyily we werent going out yet but we did like eachother. but I would have to tell him som time or another. So Harry and I hung out and we were talking and I told him "we cant go out because we are brother and sister."


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