lighting up my world

Shel falls in love with harry styles of one direction until she finds out that harry is her long long lost brother.


2. Hangin' Out

Chloe's POV
Im beside a person named Liam Payne. He looks so cute. Class was over in a flash.

"Hey you're Chloe right?" Liam asked
"Yes I am!" I replied
"Well with you and Shel like to join us, we're going to our friend's house?" He asked
"Yeah sure" I said
"Yay let's go!" He said

He grabbed my hand then we ran to a house. Someone opened it. He had curly hair, emerald green eyes and he wore a Jack Wilis jacket. He wasnt really my type. I kinda like Liam better.

Shel's POV
Harry opened the door. It revealed Liam and Chloe. They look so cute together. We played truth or dare it landed on Liam. His dare was to kiss someone on the lips for a solid ten seconds. He turned to Chloe's direction and kissed her. He kissed her for thirty seconds! When they pulled apart. We were all shocked that was a pretty long kiss!

Chloe's POV
I kissed a guy for more than thirty seconds. He looked really cute. Then I received a text message from my ex-boyfriend. I was too afraid to read it. I just tossed it to Shel. She looked shocked.
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