lighting up my world

Shel falls in love with harry styles of one direction until she finds out that harry is her long long lost brother.


5. Could i be falling for my brothers best friend??????

Louis's pov- Could I possibly be fallin for shel? We have a bunch in common, Well in my world we do. Shel is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen. I wish I could date her because she cant date her brother. Well she is amazing.... Thats some reasons why.... But mostly she is cute funny and the kind of girl i like.I might as well just ask her out. "Hey shel can I please talk too you please?" "yeah sure give me a minute" she replied.

Shels pov- I think I might be falling for louis he is cute tall and the kind of guy im looking for. He called me too talk too me and told him too hang on a minute. I left what I was doing and went to talk too him and he asked me out I was worrying about what Harry would say. If I decided too go out with Louis so I told Louis sure Ill go on a date with you but I gonna talk too harry first. Hey harry can I tell you something you dont no. Im going on a date with Louis Before you get really angery I never knew I was your sister and you were my brother. But please dont be the overly protective kind of brother.

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