We broke the Wall

They've kept us here for too long. It's time to break the wall. (Remodeled and Reborn...lolz :D )


1. Thoughts

I absent-mindedly walked around the prison town, my beige dress swaying in the breeze that had crossed the town. We are here all because the C.R.A.T.S. outside think that we are all insignificant, and all because of the accident that happened in the lab. Ninica Soccre was a scientist. She made one mistake and they thought they could never trust us again.  So they've keep us locked in here. A conch horn sounded from the middle of town. I ran. If you're late for this ceremony, you're better off dead. 

"Line up!" one of the soilders screamed at us. He was dressed in camouflage green and brown with a rifle in hand and his helmet strapped to his head rather tightly, I could tell that he was new to the prison because no soldier is going to be fully dressed for battle unless there was a lot of restlessness in the prison. I ran to my group, which was located by a pile of rubble where there used to be a beautiful building that stood four stories high with the workmanship incredibly detailed. There were 12 of us in the group. Kaitlin, Halia, Salena, Brittni, Avrey and I made up the girls' division. Myles, Luke, Karrem, Graeme, Aedan and Josh were the guys. Our specific group was made up of teenagers who were ages 13 through 18 years old. 13 being Brittni and 18 being Myles and Kaitlin. My friends Dajad, Lochlin, Reilly, Harry and Zara are in five different other groups. See, we each have a power to 'bend' something. For me, I have the power to bend and control the Earth. Dajad, he can create weather, storms and such. Reilly, he's a skilled hunter. Lochlin is a wonderful healer. Harry, he can map out battle strategies. Not everyone has the powers that the soilders are looking for. Most everyone here is innocent. Except us. I quickly skidded to a stop and took my spot. 

"Who are they taking this time?" I asked as I lined up behind Halia.

"I think it's Karter from group 17, Anjelie from group 3, Lizza from group11, Joe from group 21, Zara from group 17 and somebody else. I forget though." I pang of fear hit me when I heared Zara's name. She was sentenced to die. The six of us have a plan to escape. It was too risky, to use it. I quickly caught Harry and Dajad's gaze. Apparantly they knew the fate of our friend as well.

We're going to have to use the plan. I mouthed to them.

We know. Was Harry's answer.

Try and get Lochlin's attention and we'll try for Reilly. Dajad told me. It was really easy to find Lochlin. She was in the next row, her light blue dress was caressing the ground as she stood her ground.

We have to save Zara.  I mouthed to her.

But what use is she to us? Lochlin mouthed back. Confession time, Zara doesn't really know that we have the abilities that we do. She also doesn't have the abilities that we do. To sum it up, Zara is just like anyone else in the prison town.

She's our friend. We have to save her. I told Lochlin sternly.

Fine. Was her response. From now on, our lives were going to be a whole lot different. I nodded towards Reilly, Dajad and Harry, then to Lochlin. The plan had commenced.

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