We broke the Wall

They've kept us here for too long. It's time to break the wall. (Remodeled and Reborn...lolz :D )


2. Goodbye Zara

A tall man with a clean off-white suit stood on the porch of the Town Hall. He had a neatly trimmed beard that had a swirl at the very end. It was grey to match his hair. He looked pristine and too wealthy. I gave him a dirty look, he was one of the C.R.A.T.S. The Communtiy of Regal Artistry and Temperate Standings. Made up of completely aristocratic families. C.R.A.T.S. for short. 

"Hello, inmates." he addressed us. "It's time for the fun to begin." That's how we begin every day for our lives from the day this shit hole opened to the day it will close. And that was today. I concentrated very hard on using the elemental powers I had. Sure enough, it worked.

"EARTHQUAKE!!!" the soldiers screamed as we all evacuated the town square. The town hall was engulfed and dragged down, the C.R.A.T.S. member with it. Citizens were running this way and that. Confusion. Good, our plan was going pretty well, hopefully it could remain that way. Reilly ran in and grabbed Zara. And as obvious as it can get, this was where things went wrong. The soldiers saw what was happening. They took out their guns and rifles and any weaponry they had on them and fired. I quickly cut behind a building as Reilly ran with Zara towards where we were hiding. I summoned another earthquake to break the wall apart and we stumbled as we climbed the rubble. 

"REILLY!!!!" I screamed. "ZARA!!!!" The next things for me were a blur of running, tears and blood. We got over the wall. Actually, we broke it. We broke the wall. We actually broke it. I couldn't believe it! A sly smile spread across my face as I took a piece of brick and threw it at the soldier in the tower. In as short words as possible, he died.  From the dust and rubble, I turned back. I was leaving the world I knew. I world in which I grew up in. On the other side of the wall, there was a forest of trees and shrubs. We ran, dragging Reilly and Zara behind us. I was happy with our attempts. We ran for what seemed like forever. Then we stopped in a clearing. Harry and Dajad set Reilly and Zara down. Lochlin started working and hovering over them. I stepped away for I can't stand the smell of blood. Twenty minutes later, Lochlin stood up. She was crying.

"Zara's dead." She quietly spoke. I walked back towards the two bodies. Reilly was lying down on his side, his face scraped from the rubble and shards of glass and brick. Zara on the other hand, looked worse. Her dead mangled body was astray and her limbs bent at odd angles. We tried to fix Zara as much as we could to bury her. I cried silently as Lochlin and I prepared Zara and Harry, Dajad, and Reilly tried to prepare a tombstone to mark our friend's place beneath the Earth. After we were done, I opened up the ground and Dajad placed Zara inside. Lochlin and I had weaved flowers into her blonde hair and fixed her dress as much as we could. I slowly placed the earth on top of Zara. Harry  then placed the tombstone that him and Dajad had made with Reilly's input on the side. Here lies Zara. It read. The inspiration to make us break the wall. I sucked in a deep breath and let it out. Then turning on my heels, I walked off into the forest with the other following behind as we started to run from the C.R.A.T.S.

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