Not All You Seem

Can everyone really be trusted?


1. Setting The Scene


Detective and all-round genius Charisma Lettuce strolled leisurely into the office. Kirk was on the desk, like usual. Mary was smiling through the kitchen hatch, like usual. And Roland was, just staring out the window in that usual, distracted manor of his.

‘Hello Miss Lettuce! What a very fine day it is today – perfect for a walk in a park with a picnic’, distracting her train of thought completely.

‘Be quiet Mr Parkinson, the last thing I need today is to have someone wittering on like a bird in my ear when my mind is very much uneasy about the whole Freedmason case.’

‘But that’s my job, you said only last week - to annoy you.’

‘You take things far too literally Parkinson. You are my secretary and if you’re not careful I’ll make you type up all my notes on this rather particular case. Understood?’ Charisma was getting impatient. She wasn’t the kind to sit around all day with a cup of coffee listening to someone jibber-jabbering about the latest gossip from the world of Roland Parkinson.

‘Understood, Miss!’ Charisma continued walking. She made it through the warzone of paperwork in piles across the floor and flung herself down at her desk. Immediately she was greeted by a phone call.

‘Hello? Miss lettuce from the criminal investigation unit speeking.’

‘Good, good. I need to speak to you. I am Mr O.Pearly. I must meet with you to tell you something that may turn this case on its head completely.’ Said the man

‘Where and when shall I meet you?’

‘How about in Leadenhall Market outside the Pizzeria on Tuesday at midday?’

‘Sounds great! I’ll see you there.’

‘Do not be late. I cannot be long.’ And he hung up. Charisma began to look through her notes from the previous day. Mr Lewis Freedmason had been murdered in his own home at eleven thirty in the evening. There was a house party going on so there were many suspects. There was some bad blood between some of the party guests and Mr Freedmason.  The dead man’s mother had spent the awhole evening in her room.

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