Not All You Seem

Can everyone really be trusted?


2. A Second Man Calls


Roland walked up to her desk. ‘A Mr Claris wants to see you. Shall I send him in?’ Charisma nodded. Mr Claris was a tall man with dark hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a dark overcoat and had a hard look about him. ‘I can tell you things that will turn your case around.’

‘Good. Please share anything you wish to.’

‘I was at the party on the night of the murder. I wish to tell you about something suspicious based on the connection of the Claris family and the Freedmason family. I was a gambling man. So was Jason Freedmason. We were well known among our community for winning more from people than they had ever lost before, and they built a healthy profit of it too. But this was some years ago and before long I had a nice country house and various luxurious cars. Jason also enjoyed a rather lush lifestyle. He once threw a party and invited most the neighbours - except for his own brother Lewis. In a rather “Sleeping Beauty” style turn of events, Lewis turned up anyway and decided that he needed to have words with his brother. He burst through the door demanding to be shown the host, but Mr Jason had disappeared. The house was searched but not a trace was found of the man.  So Lewis got so unbelievably angry that he started to smash up plates and chairs, shouting out his hatred for his brother.

Now Mr Lewis was a banker and therefore had a lot of money, and Mr Jason was unemployed so when his gambling money ran dry he was broke. So, he had to resort to desperate measures, involving taking his brothers wallet and stealing some considerable sum of money. When Mr Lewis found out he was livid, and had Mr Jason arrested and put in prison for…three years, I think it was, and was then released. However Mr Lewis was unsatisfied that he had been punished sufficiently and this began a large scale family feud involving many people including the police on one or two occasions.’

He paused a minute so as to gather his thoughts, but Charisma interrupted, ‘I am sorry to rush you but I have other people to speak to today.  Unless of course there is anything else you wish to add to your story?’

‘No, I feel I have indeed said quite enough. I doubt what I have said will have any importance to you anyway. But keep my telephone number should you need it.’ And with that he left. 

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