Chasing you

This is about a girl and her abusive dad. She had no idea who her brother was anymore after he moved out for x-factor.



6. ;)

Harry's POV

I couldnt be more happier in my life, knowing that Sam was awake and alright...minus the fact that the terrifying pain in her stomach, she has stitches right where she was shot.

"Harry can I talk to you alone please?" Liam asked me.

"Ya sure..." I said getting up and walking out of the room.

"You have my permission..." he said smiling.

"Permission for what?" I asked confused.

"To date my sister. I see the way she looks at you." he replied walking back into the room, leaving me in the hallway still. I started dancing like an idiot, then walked back into the room.

"Hey lets have Sam and Haz talk for awhile. I think they have a bit of catching up to do." Liam said and winked at me as they walked out. I sat next to Sam on the bed and put her hand in mine. We both smiled and looked into each others eyes.

"Sam, I love you." I blurted out staring at her beautiful eyes.

"I love you too...can I talk to you about something?" she asked.

"Ya. Talk away!" I said criss-crossing my legs on the bed. I almost fell, but Sam caught me.

"Thanks babe." I said smiling while sitting next to her.

"Anytime...anyway before I woke up, I saw my mum and she confused me a bit..." before she could say anything else I jumped in "how?" I asked anxiously.

"Well she said that the guy that loves me....but when I asked who thats when she faded be honest I wanted to die when I went unconsious" she responded. I was shocked a bit... "but im glad I didnt" she continued. I sighed in relief then hugged her.

"Me too" I whispered in her ear.

"Ahem..." I heard a male voice, we turned around and saw her nurse he was pretty young he looked a bit jealous "Sam can I talk to you alone?" he asked.

"Why?" I asked a bit shocked.

"cuz I just need to. Its none of your concern" he snapped back.

"Excuse me! I am her boyfriend so ya it is my concern!" I yelled back in anger.

"So you were the one who did this?! She is to good to be treated like this!" he exclaimed and pulled out his phone and dialed someones number.

"Uhm yes I would like to place an emergancy....well their is this guy with curly hair who claims to have shot this one 5 minutes? I gotcha." he said then hung up and was smiling deviously.

"He wasnt the one to shhhhh----" Sam began but he injected a needle in her, which made her pass out.

"LIAM! ZAYN! NIALL! LOUIS!" I shouted as I fell to the ground and tried to shake Sam awake. No luck.

Then the guys walked in and found Sam was unconcious again.

"What happend!" Liam exclaimed and ran over to us

"He put her to sleep because she didnt kiss him" the nurse lied. As they all gasped and turned to me.

"I didnt! I swear on cats! The truth is, is that he called the police and told them that I was the one who shot Sam...and she stood up and was like 'he wasnt the one to shhhhh' then he put her to sleep!" I exclaimed clearly stressed. Then the door broke down, and the police were revealed.

"Officers this is the guy that shot the girl that is passed out! It wasnt the father!" the nurse said keeping a straight face.

"He was NOT! And you were the one who put my sister asleep!" Liam exclaimed.

"Curly your comming with us, your under arrest." they walked over to me and put me in hand cuffs.

"He wasnt the one who put her to sleep or shot her! How many times do we have to tell you this!?" Niall exclaimed.

"Everyone but the nurse is under arrest for back-talking." one of them said.

"What about my sister?!" Liam paniced.

"Well the court date is in 2 weeks, you will see her then." he replied.

"I will keep her safe trust me." the nurse said smiling deviously.

"I dont approve, a home-less man will probably be better for her." Zayn hissed.

"Well like it or not I am." the nurse shot back.

Then we left...without Sam...

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