Chasing you

This is about a girl and her abusive dad. She had no idea who her brother was anymore after he moved out for x-factor.



3. Saving her

Sammi's POV

It has been over a year since Liam left me. He hasnt even called me once. I was in my room just reading movellas about One Direction. I cant believe he made his dreams come true.

My room door swung open and I instantly smelt that he was drunk. This time he pulled out a knife and walked closer to me. I closed my eyes and prayed he wouldnt kill me. Which he didnt, he just cut me 3 times on my arm. I winced in pain. Not the pain that I was used to. Then he walked out of my room and locked it.

I went in the bathroom to take care of the pain. When I looked up in the mirror and found a guy that had black hair, that looked well....perfect. "May I help you?" I asked. He didnt answer me, he just duct taped my moth and tied my arms together. I guess I was being taken away.

He then put me over his shoulder and jumped out the wondow with me still over his shoulder. Just then I heard "GET YOUR BUTT BACK UP HERE! I WASNT FINISHED WITH YOU!" it was my dad. I screamed against the duct tape, but then I felt something hit the back of my head, it was my pet fish. Wow real mature dad.

Then I was being put in a car, followed by the guy that carried me. I pulled the tape off my face, and screamed. Pulling tape off your moth really really hurts. I finally calmed down. "What is your problem kidnapping me?" I yelled/asked. "Sam calm down." the one with straight brown hair said. "Liam?! Why did you leave? He thought it was all my fault, and I thought he was going to kill me today! He pulled out a knife! A knife I tell you!" I shouted at him. I looked back and saw that a car was following behind us. It was dad. "He is following." I said to Liam trying to calm down.

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