Chasing you

This is about a girl and her abusive dad. She had no idea who her brother was anymore after he moved out for x-factor.



4. 'haha your so funny'

Liam's POV

This was so flipping scarry! I mean he is following us, thats just messed up.

"What do we do?" Zayn asked

"Stop the car." I responded.

"WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY?!" Harry exclaimed.

"No...he's right. Stop the car." Niall said.

"I swear Harry is smarter than you guys." Sam mumbled.

I just ignored her comment and we stopped the car. Everyone, but Sam got out, because I told her to stay.

"What do you want?" I asked as we approached him, like bad boys.

"I want Sam and you to some back with me." he responded smiling deviously.

"In your dreams." Zayn snapped.

"Shut it pretty boy." Derek demanded, as he pulled a gun out.

I held the other guys back. Then police sirens filled the air, my plan was going perfect.

"Put the gun down!" shouted a police officer as he ran up to us with 5 others.

Derek pointed to the car that we came in and pulled the trigger. Glass shattering...and a girls scream, which faded in seconds. More gun shots were going off as me and the other guys ran over to the car. Pulling the door open, it revealed Sam with a bullet in her stomach...with her eyes closed.


Sammi's POV

I couldnt feel anything...not even the aggonising pain that Derek caused. I could think and hear but I couldnt move, speak, or even open my eyes.

I wish that I could die right now. So much pain I have been through...I hope I die soon.

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