Chasing you

This is about a girl and her abusive dad. She had no idea who her brother was anymore after he moved out for x-factor.



10. ch 10

Liam's POV

"Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik are...unconcious and are not expected to wake up." the doctor said.

"They have to wake up...they just have to." I trailed off through tears.

"Niall Horan...he has this one girl on his mind. It seems that she is his princess," he claimed "and so do the others." he continued.

"Do you know what this girl looks like?" Harry asked. 

"Looks like it right there." the doctor said while pointing to Sam.

"Im not an 'it' im a young lady thank you very much," Sam mumbled "But what rooms are they in?" she asked confidently.

"Sam...are you sure about this? I mean what about Harry?" I asked.

"Im doing it for them...they are to young to die." she replied.

"Sam, can I be honest with you?" Harry asked, he sounded a bit sad?

" can." she responded causiously.

"I dont approve of you kissing my other band mates." he responded, while placing his hands on his waist.

"Well I save them." she snapped, then turned her back and began walking.

"You are basically cheating on me...and I dont like cheaters." Harry called after her.

"So...Im doing this for them." she called back.

"Then were over." he yelled.


Sam's POV

So I try and save the others...and I get dumped. Well isnt that nice?!

"Im not feeling the same about you Harry." I shouted while looking back at him. I could see that his heart shattered. I slowly made my way to Zayn and Louis' room. I took a deep breath, then looked back at Harry one last time. I slowly opened the door, and saw alot of doctors crowding around them.

"Guys...she is here." one of the many male doctor's said while looking at me, and showing off his smile.

"Yup im here." I said sarcastically while putting on a fake smile. They all parted away from them as I made my way to them. I chose Zayn first...his heart monitor started to go back to normal...eyes still closed as his lips formed a perfect smile.

Next was Louis. I spun around and faced him...I bent down and pecked his lips. A smile formed his lips as his hand twitched. To be honest I didnt feel anything with them. Louis' eyes slowly opened.

"I thought you were with Harry." he mumbled.

"I was...but now I am single and ready to mingle." I said sarcastically causing the doctors to crack up along with Zayn.

"I have to go now." I said while parting from them. I gave them both a kiss on the cheek and walked out.

Now it was time for Niall. Instead of walking to Niall's room, I ran...I have no idea why, but I felt something rush through me. I needed Niall. I approached his room, placed a hand on the door knob...then opened it. I didnt see any doctors or nurses there...I just saw him alone with the bed spread across his body. I rushed over to his side, pulled off the thing and pressed my lips against his...he was cold as ice on water. He didnt wake up...I pressed my lips against his over and over this cant be the end of Niall...not now...not ever.

Over and over I kept on kissing him. It didnt work at all. I crawled in bed with him, placed him in my arms and cried.

"Niall...this cant be the end of you...there is so much more we have to experience. I need you, Liam needs you, so do the other guys. I love you." I sobbed out, at the end I kissed him...but this time he kissed back, placing his strong arms around my body. I never wanted to pull away, asthema or not...I will wait until he pulls away. We made out for like 20 minutes, until I couldnt breathe any longer.

"Niall, I love you so damn much." I said in between breaths.

"I love you to babe." he whispered. Then we heard clapping, causing us both to jump...I fell off the bed onto my face.

"Babe, get back up here." Niall begged.

"Its so far away." I complained while standing up. I finally saw who were clapping...Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam. I smiled at them and bowed causing everyone to errupt into laughter.

"Sam, im sorry for going off on you earlier." Harry said as he placed a hand on my cheek.

"No Harry. I know your sorry...its just I cant do this." I claimed.

"Babe...I made a mistake---" he began but knowing me, I cut him off.

"I told you I dont love you anymore." I argued.

"But Sam I love you." he begged.

"You are like a best friend to me...and if you really love me you would let me go and let me be happy." I whispered back.

"Just go onto another one of my mates...soon enough you will be gone." he snapped causing Liam to step up.

"No Liam I got this" I said to Liam, which he nodded "Harry...for one you need to shut the hell up, if I love someone you need to be happy. And two I would not be gone, because Liam is in this band." I snapped.

" sorry..I didnt mean that." he whispered as he hugged me. I slowly hugged back causing everyone including Niall to cheer. We both pulled away and stuck our hands out.

"Bestfriends forever" we said in unison.




******Should I continue or make a sequel? love you guyz xx Sammi******

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