Happily Ever Afters Do Exist

Raelynn is an average girl (20) until she mets One Direction. But who will she fall for, and who will fall for her? Will it be happily ever after, or will she end up heart broken?

Btw the first paragraph os present day. The rest on the story is a flashback. Story is told in 3rd person.


7. 7

Raelynn woke up too the sound of her new phone ringing. She had been getting alot of cals since she got a new number. Some how someone spread her number around and like everyone she knew from all the school she went had her number. She glanced at the caller id. She didnt reconize the number right of hand, so she didnt pick up. It was 8 in the morning who would call? She shook off the questions and got in the shower.

She slipped off her clothes and began to brush her long brown hair. She stroked her hair for a good 5 minutes, before she remembered what she was doing. She did that alot since Louis let. She would zone out and not know where she was, what she was doing, or why she was doing. To sum it all up she had been a mess since HE left, and the accident. She turned on the water and waited for it to get warm, she remembered the night she finally controted her self about cutting.

A few nights after she got the letter, which she has not fully read, she broke down and made herself stop cutting her wrist. She already had 3 good sized slits on her left wrist. She bandaged her self properly, not wanting life long scars. That night she also made up her mind to move to a different flat, that was closer to her job. And well to get a job first of all. It took her a couple of days but she got a good job with good wages at Nando's. She was a casher there. It was a surrpizingly good pay and she found a flat in walking distance. She had question herself about getting a job in the first place, she was rich. Her parents left her alot of money that she could live on for another 20 years. But she wanted a normal life after the accident. . .

She was in a car wreck a few weeks before, and could only remember little things. She remembered a guy she was in love with, but not his face, and she remembered that he left her. She didnt know why she just did. She could remember phone numbers, friends from middle school, and most of the stuff she learned in school. The doctor said she was lucky o be alive. The car had flipped and been totally smashed but Rae was alive and heathly with no broken bones.

She finally got out of the shower. She had work at 11. Lunch hour. She put on her green Nando's shirt and hat and slipped some tan pants on. She didnt really like work because of the staff. There was this other girl who also worked there and she hatted Rae. Rae didnt know why. Raelynn shook the thought from her head and walked to work, thinking of her lost personility and lost love.

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