Happily Ever Afters Do Exist

Raelynn is an average girl (20) until she mets One Direction. But who will she fall for, and who will fall for her? Will it be happily ever after, or will she end up heart broken?

Btw the first paragraph os present day. The rest on the story is a flashback. Story is told in 3rd person.


5. 5

She texted him back after 5 minutes.

"I forgive him and don be sorry it was fun well you know what i mean"

"Ok good and do you want to go to my house tomorrow and have a picnic (parents house)"

"Ya sure pick me up aroung 3 k?"

"Perfect! see you tomorrow babe"

Rae smiled and blushed wondering how far this would go until something happened, they have gotten close over the ladt couple of days. Louis thought the same thing laying in his bed.


Rae put on a long sleve shirt and jeans. It was supposed to rain but they were still having a picnic.This truely was going to be a good day. Rae thought long and hard about telling him about her life. She thought he deserved to know, he was after all her friend.

Louis drove to her flat in his black Range Rover. He thought about last night. How he was so mad at Zayn, Rae walked home. He felt really bad but she didnt want him to feel sorry. He wanted her to be happy. . . with him.

Louis picked Rae up and drove straight to his house. They didn't talk much. When they got to his parents house, he opened her door and reach in the back and got the picnic stuff. It started pouring and they had to sprint to the front door. They ran, getting soaked, and reached the door to find it locked. 

"Please say you have a spare somewhere here!" She yelled to be heard over the rain.

"Ya we do."



"Then why did you say you did?"

"Because you said too, silly!"

She laughed at him. He had a sudden urge to kiss her, right now in the rain. He held back. And instead grabbed her hand and ran to the back door, which was always unlocked. He managed to open the door without letting go of her hand. They stumbled in the door, soaked. Louis sat the picnic basket down on the table. surprisingly it was completely dry. Louis looked at Rae and her messed up hair and wet clothes. Rae looked at his messed up hair and wet clothes too. They both burst out laughing at each other. Louis grabbed her hand and went outside to the trampoline. She looked confused.

"It's best to jump when it rains. You can jump higher." He explained.

They jump for hours without stopping. When it finally stoped raining, it was dark and the stars were out. Both of them layed down and looking at the stars. Rae had told Louis about her life when they were jumping. Know they were tired, so they looked at the stars.

"You know your'e going to fall in love with me sometime." Louis said breaking the silence.

"How do you know I haven't already" After she said it she fell asleep, she was so tired and coulnt wait for his responce.

"Raelynn, I love you." Louis glanced at her and frowned she was asleep. He didnt want to have to tell her he was leaving tomorrow on tour. 

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