Happily Ever Afters Do Exist

Raelynn is an average girl (20) until she mets One Direction. But who will she fall for, and who will fall for her? Will it be happily ever after, or will she end up heart broken?

Btw the first paragraph os present day. The rest on the story is a flashback. Story is told in 3rd person.


3. 3

They small talked in the car. It took about 10 minutes to get to a small private restraunt, where people wouldnt reconize Louis. By the time they got in the parking lot She knew everything about Louis, and freted when she had to tell her life story. She didn't want pity.

They sat down at a table for 2 and looked at their menus. Louis saw Rae's uneasieness when he asked about her life. 

"Your probably overwhelmed with my life details, so you dont have to tell me about your life tonight."

Rae's heart skipped a beat. He said I dont have to tell tonight. That means there is going to be more night with them hanging out. She smiled despite her self.

They ordered there food after she told him a little about her life, but not much. She got a small meal of a hamburger and fries. She needed some calories to burn off later, Louis had invited her off to watch a movie with the guys. Louis ordered a 3 pound burger and alot of different additional sides. He probably noticed she got the cheapest hing on the menu, and got alot of stuff he would most likely share with her.

She was right. When they food came they ended up sharing all the sides he ordered. They talk more, after all they just met. He asked about her love life, in a suttle manner.

"I'm single, and not ready for a relationship anytime soon." Rae smiled a blushed a little.

"Oh. . ."

Rae thought she saw dissapiontment in his eyes. But he smiled real big even though his heart just broke into little tiny pieces.

They finished thier meal and Louis payed even though Rae wanted to.

"I'm paying and thats finally."

"NO. I'm paying." She insited.

"Oh look it's Katy Perry!" He pointed in a direction behind her.

"Where!?" Her head snapped in the direction he pointed. She wasn't there. Oh, crap! She turned back to see Louis paying. She forgot she told him she loved Katy.

As they walked out Rae muttered loud enough he could hear,

"I can't believe you did that!"

He just chuckled at her, and got in the car.

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