Happily Ever Afters Do Exist

Raelynn is an average girl (20) until she mets One Direction. But who will she fall for, and who will fall for her? Will it be happily ever after, or will she end up heart broken?

Btw the first paragraph os present day. The rest on the story is a flashback. Story is told in 3rd person.


13. 13

The next day Rae planned on a lazy day with just her and her book. Her sister had recommend "Little Women" By Louisa May Alcott. Her sister worked at a book company and read a lot of classics and what not. Rae plopped down on the couch in her sweats. She sat with one leg on the couch and the other hanging off. She declared herself comfortable and began to read. She got to the part when Margaret got back form "the lap of luxury", as she put it, and 'fessed to her mother about the things she did wrong. When Rae heard a knock at the door. She huffed, blowing the hair out of her face and checked the time. Her phone said it was 4:38. She managed to get off the couch and yelled at the door,

"Its open!"

Rae stretched, waiting for who ever was at the door to come in. The door opened and what sounded like a herd of elephants came running in the door. Her eyes got wide,


She was cut off by 5 screaming boys jumping on her. She was so shocked she didn't even recognize that the 5 guys were Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and the leader Louis. Rae fell back because of the weight pushing against her. Laughter soon fill they room when she recognized them. "What are you guys doing here?'

"We are spending the night!" 5 eager boys yelled in her face.

"And who invited you?"

5 heads turned to the floor with red cheeks. Rae laughed at the view. The boys looked up and laughed with her. Rae herded the "little" boys to the couch and sat them down. She then turned and popped a movie in the DVD player.

"Now be good little boys and watch this movie while I take a shower."

Rae walked out of the room towards her bathroom.


She chuckled knowing Liam said it. It was the only reason she picked it. Rae got in the shower.

In the living room the boys were happily talking and watching the movie.

"So you really like her Lou?" Zayn asked him, full of curiosity.

"Yes I do." Louis said while blushing.

"Aw boobear are you cheating on me!?" Harry yelled at Lou.

"No boobear where would you get that idea I love you!" Lou fake sobbed into Zayn's shoulder.

The boys were soon fighting about who loved who more. They didnt notice Rae slip into the kitchen. She fixed sandwiches. Tons of them for Niall. She kept it simple and put turkey on it and laid out lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, ketchup,mayo, and a few other things.


5 hunger boys ran into the kitchen. Niall saw all the food and said something about loving Rae. All the boys rushed forwards and piled their plated with sandwiches and squirted mayo everywhere. Rae couldn't help but laugh and eat the sandwich she managed to save for her self. She headed to the den and sat on the couch and soon 5 other bodies were on the couch with her. They all stuffed their faces and Rae saw the opportunity to ask,

"What movie should we watch? Nothing scary."

"Love Actually." Harry shouted with lettuce coming out of his mouth.

Rae laughed at him as Louis got up to put the movie in. The boys spread out. Niall and Zayn on the floor with Liam in the recliner and Harry, Rae, and Louis on the sofa. Rae sat between the boys to keep them from doing PDA in front of the kids (Niall Liam and Zayn) she said. Rae ran into the kitchen and grabbed snickers, gummy bears, gummy worms, and m&ms out of her candy stash. She threw some of the candy to Niall and Zayn and told them to share with Liam. Harry, Louis, and Rae shared the rest. Soon the movie began and everyone fell silent. About half way into the movie everyone but Harry was asleep. Harry couldnt help but think about how much he like Rae, more than a friend.

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